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ESD Valves for the FPSO market

Emergency Shutdown Valves are a fundamental part of the safety systems associated with oil and gas, utility and other hazardous processes. Armatec's latest ESD valve packages are built to meet the challenges and requirenments for FPSO's.

As the name suggests, these valves are not intended for controlling the process itself but rather protection. The valves are of fail to closed nature to contain the liquid inventory.

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Armatec Emergency Shutdown Valve (ESD)
Picture - Armatec Emergency Shutdown Valve (ESD) Picture - Armatec Blow Down Valve (BDV)

Our latest delivery of high quality ESD, BDV and SDV valves to the FPSO market are compact, certified (DNVGL) valves with partial stroke test functions and designed for sand content. All valves are tested and certified at Armatec's facility in Oslo, Norwaicture - Armatec Emergency Shutdown Valve (ESD)

Armatec deliver all types of complex valve packages, such as emergency shutdown valves (ESD), blowdown valves (BDV) and/or general shutdown systems (SDV). We do all engineering, development and testing at our facility in Oslo, Norway. All valve packages can be delivered with any third party product certificates if required (DNVGL, ABS, Lloys).