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AT 1168B, 1168R

Backflow preventer

Protection module type BA with threaded connection for fluid category 4 according to SS-EN 1717. Integrated strainer, compact construction

Dimension rangeG 1/2 - G 2
Temperature range0ºC to 65ºC
MaterialBrass / Stainless steel

Product information

Main facts

Dimension rangePNTemperature rangeMaterial

G 1/2 - G 2

100ºC to 65ºCRed brass / Brass
G 1/2 - G 2
100ºC to 65ºCStainless steel

Range of application

Backflow preventer is used to protect the tap water system internally and externally against siphon back flow and pressure overload back flow. Prevention coverage fluid up to category 4. The backflow preventer is of the type BA in accordance with SS-EN 1717. AT 1168B and 1168R has an integrated filter and is thereby very suitable for compact installations.

Program text

PSG.260 Combined backflow preventer
Back flow preventerAT 1168BXXM(alt. 1168RXXM for performance in stainless steel) DNXX, complete protection module consisting of preventor type BA with double check valves and pressure controlled intermediate chamber with draining, integrated filter, inlet and outlet valves. PN 10 in threaded performance. For max prevention coverage of fluid category 4 according to SS-EN 1717.

Quality assurance

In accordance with SS-EN 1717.
DIN/DVGW type approval nr. DW-6305 BN 0290.

Material specification

AT 1168BAT 1168R
1HousingRed brassStainless steel
2Check valveSynthetic, red brassSynthetic stainless steel
3CheckvalveSynthetic, red brassSynthetic, stainless steel
4Control valvesBrassStainless steel
5Membrane, sealingsNBR, EPDMNBR, EPDM
* = Red brass for preventers marked BA 295, brass for preventers marked 295S

Dimension and weight

AT 1168BAConnection
G 1/2 (DN 15)19550
G 3/4 ((DN 20)20850
G 1 (DN 25)22550
G 1 1/4 (DN 32)320 / 272*50
G 1 1/2 (DN 40)32270
G 2 (DN 50)34870
* = 320 for preventer marked BA 295, 272mm for preventer marked BA 295S.

Dimension and weight

AT 1168RABCConnectionWeight
G 1/2 (DN 15)22513799501,80
G 3/4 (DN 20)22513799501,80
G 1 (DN 25)22513799501,80
G 1 1/4 (DN 32)327172153705,70
G 1 1/2 (DN 40)348172153705,80
G 2 (DN 50)348172153705,90
Measurements in mm, weight in kg

Function and design

Backflow preventer type BA covers the risks up to fluid category 4 by connection of tap water. I.E. "Fluid that entails a health risk through presence of one or multiple toxic or very toxic substances or several radioactive, mutagenic or cancerous substances".

The preventer has double check valves and an intermediate chamber with draining (the draining valve is combined in an insert with the inlet check valve). The preventer works with three different pressure zones. The pressure in zone 1 is higher than in zone 2, which is higher than zone 3. A drain valve is connected in zone 2 and is opened when the pressure difference between zone 1 and zone 2 falls below 0,14 bar. The water in zone 2 is drained to the atmosphere. That way siphon and pressure overload back flow in the system is prevented.

The backflow preventer should be installed as a complete protection module The protection module contains a preventer type BA together with an integrated dirt filter. Shut-off valves for inlet and outlet included. It's an absolute demand that the backflow preventer is installed as a protection module.

Maintenance and spare parts

Insufficient or incorrect maintenance of a tap water installation, including backflow preventer, could result in a worse tap water quality. Regular (yearly) maintenance of the protection module should therefore be done to secure the preventer's long term function. This is a demand according to the standard SS-EN 1717. The yearly control should be performed by a controller with the proper education who is approved by Armatec AB.

For all installed backflow preventer of the type BA yearly control routines be established and a control report should be sent to the water supplier.

Armatec's service technicians are specially trained and certified for reparation and service control of backflow preventer. We offer to perform the service control and make sure that the basis for necessary reports is done.


Manufacturing, DN, PN, flow direction arrow, manufacturer and manufacturing number.
Separate control marking plate.

How to order

M = Complete protection module
G 1/2 (DN 15)1168B15M5021038
G 3/4 (DN 20)1168B20M5021039
G 1 (DN 25)1168B25M5021040
G 1 1/4 (DN 32)1168B32M5021041
G 1 1/2 (DN 40)1168B40M5021042
G 2 (DN 50)1168B50M5021043

How to order

Stainless steel
G 1/2 (DN 15)1168R15
G 3/4 (DN 20)1168R20
G 1 (DN 25)1168R25
G 1 1/4 (DN 32)1168R32
G 1 1/2 (DN 40)1168R40
G 2 (DN 50)1168R50