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AT 1169

Backflow preventer

Protection module type CA with threaded connection for fluid category 3 according to SS-EN 1717. Integrated strainer, compact construction.

Dimension rangeG 1/2 - G 3/4
Temperature range0ºC to 65ºC

Product information

Main facts

Dimension rangePNTemperature rangeMaterial

G 1/2 - G 3/4

100 ºC to 65 ºCBrass

Range of application

Backflow preventer is used to protect drinking water systems internally and externally against siphon backflow and pressure overload return flow. Prevention coverage for fluid up to category 3. The backflow preventer is of the type CA in accordance with SS-EN 1717. Used e.g. for refilling of heating and cooling systems.

Program text

PSG.260 Backflow preventer module
Backflow preventer AT 1169-XXM with pressure controlled intermediate chamber. Preventer module type CA for max prevention of fluid category 3 according to SS-EN 1717.

Quality assurance

In accordance with SS-EN 1717. Tested according to prEN 14367.

Detail specification

1HousingDZR brass
2Connection screw-nut/socketDZR brass
3StrainerStainless steel
4Sealing ringNBR and EPDM
5Cone insert with check valveSynthetic

Dimensions and weight

ConnectionABCDConnectionWeightWeightBuild length
G 1/21421148297DN 400,511,0225
G 3/41501148293DN 400,701,1230
Dimensions in mm, weight in kg.

Function and design

Backflow preventer type CA covers the risks up to fluid category 3 connection of drinking water. I.E. "Fluid that entails a certain health risk through presence of one or multiple harmful substances".

The preventor is divided in three pressure zones through double check valves and intermediate chamber with drainage. The intermediate chamber gives a safety zone between the incoming drinking water and the polluted water downstream. When the differential pressure between the inlet zone and the intermediate zone sinks under 10% of the inlet pressure the intermediate chamber drains to the atmosphere. The preventer protects from both siphon backflow and pressure overload backflow.

The backflow preventer is supplied with an integrated strainer in the preventor module inlet.

Technical data

Minimum working pressure1,5
Maximum working pressure10
Kv, m3/h by ∆p=1,0 bar0,7

Maintenance and spare parts

The product does not entail reparation on top of cleaning. The inlet strainer can require cleaning from dirt and metal shavings. The cone insert with check valve can be mounted out by screwing the draining pipe in the bottom.


Manufacturer, DN, PN, flow direction arrow and manufacturing number.

How to order

Complete protection module
G 1/2 (DN15)1169-15M502 10 36
G 3/4 (DN 20)1169-20M502 10 37