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Ball valve AT 3540, 3560

Ball valve with reduced bore in carbon steel/CPTFE with weld ends or threaded and mounting flange for actuators. Suitable for actuators. Three-piece construction for easy service and maintenance.

Dimension RangeDN 15 to 100
PN125 to 64
Temperature Range-10ºC to + 260ºC
MaterialCarbon steel


Article number Body material DN PN Temperature (°C) Connection Amount
AT 3540-15 Stainless Steel 10 125 -10-220 Welding

Product information

Main Facts

Dimension rangePNTemperature rangeMaterial

DN 15-100

125-64-10 - 260 ºC

Carbon steel

Range of Application

Shut-off valve mainly for:
- Natural gas and petroleum products.
- Warm and cold water, compressed air.
- Saturated steam

Program text

PSB.1 Ball Valves
Ball valve in Carbon steel AT 3540 ..., with reduced bore, weld ends and stainless steel lever. Gasket box of CPTFE.

Ball valve Carbon steel AT 3560 ..., with reduced bore, threads and stainless steel lever. Gasket box of CPTFE.

Quality Assurance

Tested according to SS-ISO 5208. Leakage class A applies to this valve type.
The valves are approved by TA-luft
Certificate SS-EN 10204, type 2.2 and 3.1, has to be specified when ordering.


The valves meet the demands from PED, AFS 2016:1, the directive for pressure equipment, according to category III, fluid group 1 and 2. Dimensions to DN 25 satisfies § 8 of the PED, AFS 2016:1.


Standard surface finish below 3.1 µm for body & ball. Finer surface finish on request.

Material specification

AT 3540/3560


Carbon Steel

2BallStainless Steel
3StemStainless Steel
4Body gasketPTFE
5Seat ring*PTFE, carbon-filled
6Stem sealPTFE, glass-reinforced
7Stem gasketPTFE, carbon-filled
8Centering ringPTFE, glass-reinforced
Stainless Steel
9End pieceCarbon Steel
10LeverStainless steel
*Also available with Glass-filled PTFE or PEEK.

Function and Design

Three-piece ball valve for simple service and maintenance.
Homogenous and floating ball for tight shut-off and low pressure drop.
Self-compensating stem packing gives a tight valve even with high operation frequency.
The design with blow-out safe stem prevents the stem to blow out at pressure hammer.
Mounting flange according to ISO 5211 for actuators.
No dismantling of valve at service and maintenance.
Valves bigger than DN50 have round body and mounting flange.

Technical Information

Pressure and temperature, reduced bore AT 3540, 3560
Seat materialDN 15-32DN 40-65DN 80-100

Standard, CPTFE, Carbon filled PTFE 25%

Max. working pressure bar(g)*125 (T ≤ 50°C)100 (T ≤ 80°C)70 (T ≤ 80°C)
Max. temperature °C**205 (P ≤ 10 bar)205 (P ≤ 10 bar)200 (P ≤ 10 bar)


Max. working pressure bar(g)*125 (T ≤ 100°C)100 (T ≤ 100°C)70 (T ≤ 100°C)
Max. temperature °C**250 (P ≤ 10 bar)245 (P ≤ 10 bar)235 (P ≤ 10 bar)

PTFE, glasfiberarmerad

Max. working pressure bar(g)*
Max. temperature °C**

Pressure and temperature acc. to applied standards. Note that the pressure- and temperatures above is not related.

*Max pressure bar(g) up to specified temperature.

**Max temperature °C up to the specified pressure.



Torque above is applied for all seating material avaiable, CPTFE, PEEK or Glass-filled PTFE

Kvs value

Kv-value reduced and full bore

AT 3540 meassurements welded ends

AT 3540 Meassurements welded ends
Material thickness2,973,123,683,813,833,9953,453,854

Measurements internal threads

AT 3545 Measurements BSP threads
G1/23/411 1/41 1/22
No. of threads141411111111

Measurements in mm.

Accessories and Options

Can be provided with different types of actuators and limit switches. (See separate datasheet AT 3830, AT 3831, AT3840, AT3841, AT 3940, AT 3941, AT 3910, AT 3911). Can also be supplied with stem extensions and dead-mens handle (open or close).

Other ends available:

Weld ends:

  • ISO1127-1
  • Costumer specific weld ends on request

Threaded ends:

  • NPT
  • BSPT

Special executions:

  • Firesafe acc. API607 and ISO 10497
  • Heating jacket
  • V-port ball with 30, 60 or 90 degree angle.


See separate manual.

Maintenance and Spare parts

The valve construction permits a simple exchanging of all parts. See separate installation- and maintenance instructions.


Manufacturer, DN, PN, material code, CE and on special valves flow direction arrow.

How to order cont.



FS = Fire-safe

GF = 25% glass-filled PTFE

PEEK = Seats in PEEK-material 

See separate Pressure/temperature diagrams for differents seats.


ISO = weld ends acc. ISO1127-1

NPT = NPT-threads 


AT 3540-25FS (Fire-safe execution)

AT 3540-25GF (Seats of glass-filled PTFE)

AT 3540-25PEEK (Seats of PEEK)

AT 3540-25SMS (Weld ends acc. SMS3008 )

AT 3560-25NPT (NPT-threads)


Electric actuator AT 3941 (100-800 Nm)

Electric actuator for on/off or control of ball valves, butterfly or where a 90° rotation is required.


Pneumatic actuator AT 3840

Pneumatic actuator for on-off and control of ball valves, butterfly valves or where 90° rotation is…


Pneumatic actuator AT 3841

Pneumatic single acting actuator for on-off and control of ball valves, butterfly valves or where 90°…


Actuator AT 3830

Pneumatic double acting actuators for on-off and control of ball valves and butterfly or where 90°…


Pneumatic Actuator AT 3831

Pneumatic single acting actuator for on-off and control of ball valves and butterfly valves or where…


Electric actuator AT 3941 (100-800 Nm)

Electric actuator for on/off or control of ball valves, butterfly or where a 90° rotation is required.