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A good facility should be able to be controlled reliably, day in and day out. We provide you with a modern installation that is sustainable with regard to media type, pressure, temperature, standards and legal requirements.


Armatec is a leading supplier of valves and actuators. If you want a manual or actuated operation, we can assist with this. A good actuation is a worry-free interaction of all components.

Instrumentation & regulation

We make sure that you get the right information in order to control your process. The correct temperature, flow, speed, level and pressure gives you an excellent basis for analysis, optimization and billing.

Non-return protection

Pumps, control valves, tanks and basins prefer that the media flow comes in one and the same direction all the time. Recession can be as simple as undesirable, but it can also have far more serious consequences, therefore NS-EN 1717.

Pump technology

There are several factors that come into play when it comes to choosing a pump. We make a difference by thinking it through all the way. From media and performance requirements to service and durability.

Pipe technical solutions

With Straub pipe fittings you can quickly and safely mount pipes without the need for flanges or welds. Other benefits include low weight, reduced pipe stress and vibration, as well as low installation costs.

Vacuum & pressure protection

Armatec are experts in solutions to protect plants under pressure. We have the agency for LESER safety valves and Zook blasting ink throughout the Nordic region and have authorized service center for LESER safety valves (LARC) in Oslo. We design and find the right valve for the customer's application.