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Particle separator AT 8073

Particle separator with a surface mounted magnet.

Dimension rangeG 3/4 - G 2
Temperature range0 °C to 110 °C

Product information

Main facts

Dimension rangePN Temperature rangeMaterial

G 3/4 - G 2

6/100 °C to 110 °CBrass

Program text

PMB.222 Sludge separator
Particle separator AT8073-XX of brass with a surface magnet. For both vertical and horizontal mounting.

Quality assurance

Fulfills AFS 1999:4 8§ standards and shall not be CE-marked.
All separators are functional- and density tested.


1Connections, internal thread
2Body of brass
3Surface magnet, removable.
4Valve for manual washout.

Dimensions and weight

ConnectionG 3/4 G 1 G 1 1/4 G 1 1/2 G 2
A 9090128 128 128
B 143152163169183
C152152 196196 196
Weight2,2 2,3 3,6 3,7 3,9
Dimensions ín mm, weight in kg

Technical information

Connection20 25 32 40 50
Nom. flow m3/h 1,3 2,0 3,6 5,0 7,5
Pressure drop kPa1,9 3,9 2,2 2,6 5,8
Max. operation pressure bar66101010
Values above apply at max. speed 1 meter/second.

Function and design

AT8073 separates effectively dirt particles in heating and cooling systems. The surface magnet attracts magnetic particles in the separator as well. The collected dirt is easily drained by pulling the magnet down and then opening the drain valve.
The separator can be installed both horizontally and vertically thanks to the 360o rotatable connection part.


Works well in both heating and cooling systems. Mounted on a main line before important machines such as boilers, heat exchangers and refrigerators.

Maintenance and spare parts

For a safe- and good operation the separator should be regularly checked and cleaned.


Marked with dimensions, max operation pressure, type-No. and the manufacturers name.

How to order

Example: AT 8073-20
G 3/48073-20
G 18073-25
G 1 1/48073-32
G 1 1/28073-40
G 28073-50