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EFFERGI – discover our mark for sustainability

One of the greatest challenges facing society is to conserve energy. Armatec’s marking Effergi shows, in a clear way, that a technical solution or product is particularly energy efficient and simplifies for you to make a smart environmental choice.

When it comes to energy efficiency in water, heat and cooling, there are few, if any, who can offer complete solutions that solve the customers' needs in a simple and cost effective manner. Therefore, we have developed Effergi, a way to clearify energy efficiency in water heating and cooling that is easy to understand, buy and calculate, both in terms of economy and environment.

It's the inside that counts

Energy efficiency is a broad area that includes everything from improving the building’s climate shell to installing glass balconies or energy-efficient household appliances. All of these are important things, but for us at Armatec it's the inside that counts and has the greatest significance, in a double sense.

We have broad and deep knowledge of the realities of property owners, consultants and installers. This means that we can offer all the products, functional solutions and systems needed to measure, regulate and control the property's internal flows of water, heat and cold. We help to dimension valves and systems with respect to the fluid, pressure and temperature, as well as applicable laws, standards and requirements. Furthermore, we offer technical documentation that we produce ourselves. Everything to make you feel safe in your choice of partner..

Today the question is not whether to make energy efficiency improvements, but how to go about it. To review the property's internal flows is an effective way to reduce energy consumption and achieving substantial cost savings. Effergi is the new simple, efficient and profitable model for success in energy efficiency.