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Accumulator tank AT 8525A

Product information

Main facts

Dimension rangePNTemperature rangeMaterial
Volume 300-4000 L6-10 ºC to +110 ºCSteel

Range of application

For accumulation in the cooling system. Max. working pressure/temperature 6 bar/110 ºC.


PLD.21 Pressure vessels for heat carrier
Accumulator AT 8525A.... with volume .... litres for the accumulation of cold storage in steel.
Isolated with 100 mm polyurethane, surface-coated with zinc-plated galvanized sheet metal.

Quality assurance

Meets the requirements in AFS 2016:1 §8 and shall therefore not be CE-marked

Material specification

1MagazineSteel EN 1.0045.
2Isolation100mm polyurethane + zinc plated galvanized sheet metal.
3Connections2st as standard (thread or flange).
4Thermometer/transducers3st as standard.

Dimension and weight

AT 8525A3003002050640120
AT 8525A5005002050800170
AT 8525A7507502050950190
AT 8525A1000100021001050260
AT 8525A1500150021501250320
AT 8525A2000200023001400450
AT 8525A3000300024501600550
AT 8525A4000400025001800690

Function and design

Isolation 100 mm polyurethane seamless + painted galvanized sheet.
Recommended minimum temperature + 4°C. At lower temperatures, armaflex isolation is recommended.

Technical data

Art. noIN/UTT/MVenting/drain
AT 8525A300G 2G 1/2G 1
AT 8525A500G 2G 1/2G 1
AT 8525A750DN 80G 1/2G 1
AT 8525A1000DN 100G 1/2G 1
AT 8525A1500DN 100G 1/2G 1
AT 8525A2000DN 100G 1/2G 1
AT 8525A3000DN 100G 1/2G 1
AT 8525A4000DN 100G 1/2G 1


Contact Armatec

Accessories and options

More connections as desired, specify number and dimension.
Layers and guide.
Armaflex isolation 9mm, 13mm, 19mm, 25mm, 32mm.
Other pressure bars PN 3, 4, 10 bar.


The accumulator is designed to be placed upright on the floor.

Maintenance and spare parts

If the accumulator tank is installed and not used, it must be flushed with water once a week. The product is otherwise maintenance free.

How to order

Volume (liter)AT-noRSK-no