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AT 7170

Warm water meter AT 7170

Product information

Main facts

Dimension rangePNTemperature rangeMaterial

DN 50 - 100

16+5°C to 90 ºCGrey iron

Range of application

Measuring of hot water with registration of consumed amount. Suitable for distribution- and pump-plants with high continuous flows and when low pressure loss is desired. The meter is prepared for a remote sensor combined pulse/M-bus sensor. An optical sensor can alternatively be connected.

Program text

UGE.35 Flow meter, pipe mounted with a digital display, accumulated value
Hot water meter AT7170... MeiStream, prepared for a remote module. Q3 .... m³/h, DN ...., flanged, PN16.

Quality assurance

MID-approved and CE-marked.
Ratio horizontal (qp/qi) = 1/50 Ratio vertical (qp/qi) = 1/25



Grey iron

Meter chamberPlastic
Support pinCarbide

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions in mm, weight in kg. WP and WS corresponds to the building length for the Woltman meter. WS is the standard length for 7170. Choose WS for the same length as AT7169.

Function and design

The water meter is a type of turbine meter with an unique principle, where a free-flowing spherical turbine rotates in the water stream, which lowers the friction. Its motion is transmitted with magnetic coupling to the counter.

The counter is six-digit, hermetically sealed and 360orotable to be able to rotate the dial in a good position. The meter is submersible.
DN50-100: consumption displays in m3. The meter also has three indicators which shows 1, 10 and 100 liters per viewing turn.

The meter has sockets for combined pulse/M-bus sensors of HRI-type and a socket for an optical encoder. The pulse type for the HRI-sensor is a polarity-dependent open-collector without sockets but with compensation/indication of backflow, standard pulse 100l/pulse. The M-bus protocol allows data logging for eg. maximum/minimum values and monthly values etc.

Function data

qp, continuous flow (m3/h)25


qi, minimum flow (m3/h)0,50,51,21,2
qs, overload flow (m3/h)5050120120
qc, start value (m3/h)0,080,080,150,15
qp/qi, Ratio, horizontal montage1/501/501/501/50
qp/qi, Ratio, vertical montage1/251/251/251/25
Pressure loss at qp(bar)0,080,020,080,04
qp, qsand qiacc. to EN1434.

Values above (excluding start flow and pressure loss) shows the metrological properties according to the MID standards. The actual values of the meter exceeds the specified data.

Maximum allowed error

Flow rangeMaximum allowed error
qp- qs±2%
qp- qi±3%


The smallest meter that can take the specified continuous flow qp should be chosen. Make sure that the pressure drop does not get too high. Short-term overload refers to less than 11 hour per day or 200 hours per year.

Accessories and options

A remote readout module combined with a pulse/data/M-bus/MiniBus-sensor (AT7275MEI...) alternatively optical encoder (AT7275PDY) see resp. product sheet.


The meter can be mounted horizontally or vertically, though not with the display down. A straight line of at least 3 x DN is required in front of the meter. Behind the meter there is no straight line required. No stopping device should be placed near the meter. The system must be cleaned before mounting the the gauge. During commissioning, pressure shocks in the mains should be avoided.

Maintenance and spare parts

Control and auditing should be performed by a meter workshop that is accredited as an inspection unit. In this revision the wear parts are exchanged. Spare parts for this can be found in the separate spare parts list.


The meter is red with a grey plastic lid. The meter display is marked with SENSUS with qp, year of manufacture, CE- and production number.

How to order

Art.No.Dimensions (DN)Length (mm)
AT 7170-50-20050200 (former WP)
AT 7170-50-270 (normal storage)50270 (former WS)
AT 7170-65-20065200 (former WP)
AT 7170-65-300 (normal storage)65300 (former WS)
AT 7170-80-22580225 (former WP)
AT 7170-80-300 (normal storage)80300 (former WS)
AT 7170-100-250100250 (former WP)
AT 7170-100-360 (normal storage)100360 (former WS)
For DN 150, choose AT 7169A150R100