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Cold water meter AT 7110A

Cold water meter MeiStream type turbine wheel for distributions and pumping facilities with an accuracy of R100. Flanged connection with a large flow area and low pressure. Can be mounted both horizontally and vertically. The meter is available for both earlier WP and WS body for replacement. Prepared for pulse and data sensors (M-Bus)/radio.

Dimension rangeDN 40 to DN 300
Temperature range+1ºC to +50ºC
MaterialGray iron


Article number Description Amount
AT 7110A40-220 DN40, Q3= 25, Length 220mm
AT 7110A50-200 RSK 5181604 DN50, Q3= 40, Length 200mm
AT 7110A50-270 RSK 5181605 DN50, Q3= 40, Length 270mm
AT 7110A65-200 RSK 5181606 DN65, Q3= 63, Length 200mm
AT 7110A65-300 RSK 5181607 DN65, Q3= 63, Length 300mm
AT 7110A80-225 RSK 5181608 DN80, Q3= 100, Length 225mm
AT 7110A80-300 RSK 5181609 DN80, Q3= 100, Length 300mm
AT 7110A100-250 RSK 5181610 DN100, Q3= 160, Length 250mm
AT 7110A100-360 RSK 5181611 DN100, Q3= 160, Length 360mm
AT 7110A125-250 RSK 5181612 DN125, Q3= 160, Length 250mm
AT 7110A125-360 DN125, Q3= 160, Length 360mm
AT 7110A150-300 RSK 5181613 DN150, Q3= 400, Length 300mm
AT 7110A150-500 RSK 5181614 DN150, Q3= 400, Length 500mm
AT 7275MEI-B1D100K1 RSK 5181615 Accessories, Combined M-Bus and Pulse sensor (100 l/puls)
AT 7275MEI-B1D1000K2 RSK 5181616 Accessories, Combined M-Bus and Pulse sensor (1000 l/puls)

Product information

Main facts

Dimension rangePNTemperature rangeMaterial

DN 40 - 150

16+1 °C to 50 ºCGray iron

Range of application

Measurent of cold water through a display showing total consumed amount. Suitable for distribution and pumping facilities and when low pressure loss is prefered. The meter is prepared with a remote reading sensor of like radio or combined pulse/M-Bus sensor. If a high resolution pulse is required a optic sensor including singal booster can be connected.

Program text

UGE.35 Water meter for flow, pipe mounted with digital display, accumulated value.
Cold water meter AT 7110A.... type MeiStream, prepared for remote reading module, Q3 .... m3/h, DN .... with flanges PN 16.

Quality assurance

MID-certificate, CE-marking.

Material specification


Gray iron GG25

Meter chamberPPO
Support pinHard metall

Dimensions and weight

Measurements in mm, weight in kg. WP and WS designates which build length should be selected to replace the existing Woltan gauges of the type WS and WP.

Function and design

Cold water meter MeiStream type turbine wheel, where a free floating spherical turbine unit rotates in the water current, which entails low friction.
The movement is transfered with a magnetic coupling to the counter.
AT 7110A is replacing previous meters Woltman WP and Woltman WS and is therefore available in two build lengths (see measurement A in the table Dimensions and weight).

The counter is six figure, hermetically sealed and also rotatable in 360o, so the counter display can be turned to the suitable position. The counter is submersible, IP68.
DN 40-100: The consumption is shown m3. The meter also has three indicators that shows 1, 10, and respectively 100 liter per indicator lap.
DN 150: The consumption is shown 10's m3. The meter also has three indicators that shows 1, 10, 100 and respectively 1000 liter per indicator lap.

The meter is provided with an indicator for connection of remote reading module type HRI, with a combined pulse/M-Bus or radio output. Outlets for a optical pulse sensors are also available. See separate product sheet AT 7275MEI.

Function data

DN4050 65 80 100 125150
Q3 , permanent flow (m3/h)254063100160160400
Q1V , minimum flow (by vertical mounting), (m3/h)


Q1h , minimum flow (by horizontal mounting), (m3/h)0,20,250,390,320,510,641
Q2V, boundary flow (by vertical mounting), (m3/h)0,40,510,810,81,281,63,2
Q2H, boundary flow (by horizontal mounting), (m3/h)0,320,40,630,510,811,021,6
Q4, Overload flow (m3/h)315078125200200500
Q3/Q1H, max Ratio* (R-value) by horizontal mounting125160160315315250400
Q3/Q1V, max Ratio* (R-value) by vertical mounting63100100125160125200
Q3/Q1, Ratio (R-tal) standard100100100100100100100
Start flow, (m3/h)0,050,050,070,10,110,150,3
Pressure loss by Q3 according to EN 14154, (bar)0,080,180,370,160,340,360,32
* Note that the table gives the maximum R-value for the meter and the actual meter could have a different , lower R-value.

The values above (exclusive start and pressure loss) shows the meteorological properties according to the standard MID.
The meter actual values surpasses the given data.

Largest allowed margin of error

Flow rangeLargest allowed margin of error
Q1 - Q2±5%
Q2 - Q4±2%


The smallest meter that can handle the given continuous flow Q3 is selected. All though it's important to control that the pressure loss is too big. Short term overload is considered to be less than 1 hour each day, or at most 200 hours per year.

Accessories and options

Remote reading module for radio Scout (AT 7087..), combined pulse/data/M-bus/Minibus-sensor (AT 7275MEI..) see separate product sheets.

Pressure class PN40 (AT 7110A..-40)
- Larger R-Value R=315 (AT 7110..PL)
- Free from copper alloy, used for aggressive water (AT 7110A..BMF)


The meter can be mounted horizontally or vertically with the meter cluster upwards or to the side. See the function data section for information regard how the installation position affects the R-value. A straight line of 3 x DN in front of the meter is recommended. After the meter no straight line is needed, but there should not be any throttling means in the direct vincinity of the meter. The system should be clean flushed before the meter is mounted. During commissioning pressure impacts should be avoided. Flange gaskets are included in the delivery.

Maintenance and spare parts

Revision of the meter should be done in a accredited meter workshop. During this revision the worn out parts are replaced. Spare parts for this are available in the separate spare parts section.


The cold water meter is blue with a gray plastic lid. The meter cluster is marked with SENSUS, Q3, R-value, manufaturing year, CE and serial number.