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Pressure gauge AT 8305A

Manometer with red warning indicator, R3/8 x 100. Class 2,5.

Dimension rangeDN 10
PNIn short term load 90% of the scale value
Temperature range-20ºC to +60ºC


Article number Measuring range (bar) Performance Material wetted DN Temperature (°C) Amount
AT 8305A10-4 RSK 5113391 0-4 Visual display Brass 10 -20-60
AT 8305A10-6 RSK 5113392 0-6 Visual display Brass 10 -20-60
AT 8305A10-10 RSK 5113393 0-10 Visual display Brass 10 -20-60
AT 8305A10-16 RSK 5113394 0-16 Visual display Brass 10 -20-60

Product information

Main facts

Dimension rangePNTemperature Material

G 3/8

At short term loading, 90% of scale value-20°C to +60°C

Plastic/Stainless steel

Range of Application

For indication of actual pressure in heating/cooling systems. AT 8305A is supplied with a red adjustable pointer on the scale.

Program text

UGC.31 Gauge for pressure
Pipe mounted, with analogue display of instantaneous value. Pressure gauge AT 8305A is provided with red indicator for highest allowed pressure. Class 2,5. Graded 0-... bar.

Quality Assurance

PED, AFS 1999:4

Material Specification

AT 8305A
1Bourdon tubeCopper alloy
2BodyBlack plastic ABS
3Measuring bodyCopper alloy
4GlassAcrylic glass
Parts in contact with media made of copper alloy.


AT 8305A
CG 3/8
Measurements in mm.

Function and Design

The pressure gauge is of the bourdon tube type, which has a circular formed tubular spring with an oval cross section. The pressure in the system influences the bourdon tube internally so that an increase in pressure tends to straighten it out. The free end of the bourdon tube gives a movement proportional to the internal pressure. The movement is then transferred via the measurement unit to a movement/indicated value on the scale. The pressure gauge has a red adjustable pointer to indicate the maximum allowable pressure.

Technical Information

AT 8305A
Media temperature-40°C to +60°C
Ambiant Temperature-20°C to +60°C
Accuracy class2,5%
Effects of Temperature0,4%/10°C
IP class54
Max. working pressure3/4 of the scale value at rest load. 2/3 of the scale value at fluctuating loads.
Contact function-
Supply voltage-
Switch capacity-
Electrical connection-


The scale area should be selected so that constant load does not exceed 2/3 scale range.

Accessories and Options

Pressure gauges with electrical contact in muted or industrial design upon request.


Pressure gauges shall be mounted so that they are easy to read and protected against vibration, heat, cold and high humidity. At high media temperatures water worm pipes shall be used. When pressure fluctuations and vibrations, damping liquid filled pressure gauge should be used.

The cables are labeled with numbers. Electrical installation according to schematic.


AT8305A is marked with Armatec logo.

How to order AT8305A (standard)
0-4 bar8305A-10-4
0-6 bar8305A-10-6
0-10 bar8305A-10-10
0-16 bar8305A-10-16