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Pressure Gauge AT 4257

Pressure gauge R1/4 x 63 mm. Class 2,5.

Dimension rangeDN 8
PNFull scale value for temporary load
Temperature range-20ºC to +60ºC
MaterialBrass, plastic


Article number Mätområde (bar) Utförande Material mediaberört DN Temperatur (°C) Amount
AT 4257-8-2,5 RSK 5113014 0-2,5 Visual display Brass 8 -20-60
AT 4257-8-4 RSK 5113022 0-4 Visual display Brass 8 -20-60
AT 4257-8-6 RSK 5113030 0-6 Visual display Brass 8 -20-60
AT 4257-8-10 RSK 5113048 0-10 Visual display Brass 8 -20-60
AT 4257-8-16 RSK 5113055 0-16 Visual display Brass 8 -20-60
AT 4257-8-25 RSK 5113063 0-25 Visual display Brass 8 -20-60

Product information

Main Facts

Dimension PNTemperature rangeMaterial

G 1/4 - G 3/8

Full scale value for temporary load-20 °C to +60 °C


Range of Application

For measuring the pressure of liquefied or gaseous non-aggressive media, primarily water, air and steam.

Program text

UGC.31 Pressure gauge
Pipe-mounted, with analogue display of instantaneous value. Pressure gauges AT 4257 of Bourdon tube type. Class 2.5, husdiameter 62 mm, graded 0 -.... bar / Pascal.

Quality Assurance

PED, AFS 1994:4

Material Specification

AT 4257
1Bourdon tubecopper alloy
2Bodyblack plastic ABS
3Measuring bodyplatinum brass
4Glassacrylic glass
Parts in contact with media is made of copper alloy


AT 4257
A 54
B 62
C G 1/4
D 27,5
Measurment in mm.

Function and Design

The pressure gauge is a bourdon tube type, which involves a circle-formed tube spring with an oval cross-section. The system pressure internally affects the bourdon tube so that it, at a certain pressure tends to straighten out. The free end of the bourdon tube moves proportionally with the internal pressure. This movement is then converted by the measuring element into a movement/indication value on the dial.

Technical Information

AT 4257
Media temperature -20°C to +60°C
Ambient temperature-20°C to +60°C
Accuracy class 2,5%
Effect of temperature 0,4%/10°C (over and under 20°C)
IP class54
Max. working pressure75% of the scale value at resting load. 66% of the scale value at fluctuating loads.


The scale range should be selected in accordance to the constant pressure that not should exceed 2/3 of the scale range.

Accesories and Options

For complete pressure gauges sets includning control pressure gauge valve, water trap pipe and and pressure gauge valve, please see our AT 1800-1806 product sheet. The pressure gauges are also available in damping fluid-filled, in stainless steel and with non-standard gradings upon request.


The pressure gauges are to be mounted so that they are both easy to read and protected against vibrations, heat, cold and high air humidity. For high fluid temperatures, a water worm pipe should be used. For pressure variations and vibrations, a damping fluid-filled pressure gauge should be used.


The products are marked with Armatec, class and grading.

How to order

Example: AT 4257-10-2,5
AT 4257- 10 2,5
Fig. no.ExecutionConnectionGrading
AT 4257=body diameter 62 mm-=standard-8
D=damping fluid-filled