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AT 7721 and AT7720

Level sensor AT 7720

Product information

Main facts

Dimension rangePNTemperature rangeMaterial

G 1


-20°C to +70 ºC -60°C to +280 ºC

Stainless steel

Range of application

Level sensors for level indication in tanks.


UBF.32 Level sensor level
Continuous signal 4-20mA.

Quality assurance

EMC 2004/108/EG, PED, AFS 2016:1

Material specification

2Connection and necklineStainless steel 1.4541
5Media-enabled partsStainless steel 1.4541

Dimension and weight

A*Max measurement range
B*chain length(standard 96mm)

Function and design

Level sensors for different types of tanks and containers. Level range 150 mm to 4000 mm. Level is determined by calculating the weight of the device in the chain. The unit has some fluidity and, by weight, the level can be calculated. It is therefore important that the type of media, density and temperature is stated when ordering so that the level sensor can be calibrated correctly. The length of the chain must also be stated when ordering. Level sensors are provided with LED indication 10 points and as an option, the level sensor can be ordered with digital display display.

The level sensor is available in two versions AT7720 and AT7721. The AT7720 has a short neck and can handle the temperature range -20°C to + 70°C and pressure class PN40/PN100. The AT7721 has a longer neck with cooling flanges and can handle the temperature range -60°C to + 280°C and pressure class PN40 PN100. The level sensor has an electrical output of 4-20mA, cable connection, IP class 65. The level sensor is powered by 24 VDC.

Technical information

Supply voltage24VDC
Electrical connectionCable entry
Output signal4-20 mA, three-wire
Density area500 to 1500kg/m3
Ambient temperature0°C to +70°C
Media temperature AT7720-20°C to +70°C
Media temperature AT7721-60°C to +280°C
Inaccuracy linearlymax 2%
Protection classIP65

Accessories and options

As an option, both types of level sensors can be ordered with two-digit display.


The level sensor is installed vertically at the top of the tank. If turbulent in the tank, level sensors can be installed in a tube connected to flanges on the outside of the tank. To reduce the risk of temperature impact, the pipe can be insulated.

The level sensors shall not be exposed to static electricity or magnetic fields that may affect the electronics and measurement accuracy.

Electrical installation according to schedule.


The pressure sensor is labeled with the manufacturer's name, power supply, output and serial number.

How to order

AT 77201500
Fig. noMeasurement range (Max 4000mm)