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AT 6300

Vacuum pump LPH MAG 75320/75330/75340

Two stage vacuum pump in robust design with magnetic coupling

Capacity485 m³/h to 1615 m³/h
Pressure range33 mbar to 1013 mbar
MaterialCast iron & Stainless steel


Article number Flow (m³/h) Pressure (mbar) Amount
AT 6300-75320MAG 485 - 800 33 - 1013
AT 6300-75330MAG 585 - 1100 33 - 1013
AT 6300-75340MAG 750 - 1615 33 - 1013

Product information

Main facts

CapacityPressure rangeMaterial

500-1700 m³/h

33-1013mbarCast iron & Stainless steel


A two stage liquid ring vacuum pump with a simple, robust construction with magnetic coupling.

With a free shaft end all options of shaft coupling, motor and DIN seals are available to adapt the pump to your industry.

Range of application

Evacuation and pumping of dry gases and saturated steam.

Typical industries are chemistry, pharmaceutical, food, plastic and rubber industry.

Vacuum is used for distillation, drying, degassing, filling and boiling.


The pump works according to the liquid ring principle. Fluid pumps are in some regards related with displacement pumps since the pump wheel is eccentrically located in the round pump body. When the wheel is rotating a fluid ring is created along the pump body's inner wall. In the cells (the space between the pump body's wings) inside the fluid ring rising part volumes (intake) and then decreasing volumes (outlet) will be created under one rotation.

Material combinations

Casing0.6025 Cast iron1.4408 Acid-proof steel
Central body1.0038 Steel1.4581 Acid-proof steel
Guide disc0.6025 Cast iron1.4408 Acid-proof steel
Shaft1.4021 Stainless steel1.4571 Acid-proof steel
Impeller1.0553 Steel1.4571 Acid-proof steel
Inner magnet1.4571 Acid-proof steel/Magnet1.4571 Acid-proof steel/Magnet