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Pneumatic actuator AT 3840

Pneumatic actuator for on-off and control of ball valves, butterfly valves or where 90° rotation is required.

Torque1 - 19000 nm
Suitable for articleAT3502, AT3507, AT3533S, AT3534S, AT3582, AT3585, AT3590, AT2282, AT 2310-2319


Article number Performance Torque Connection for valve ISO 5211 Amount
AT 3840-0 Pneumatic double acting 0,75 Output shaft
AT 3840-1 Pneumatic double acting 5,6 Output shaft
AT 3840-2 Pneumatic double acting 10,2 F03/05, 11 mm
AT 3840-3 Pneumatic double acting 21,3 F03/05, 11 mm
AT 3840-5 Pneumatic double acting 43 F04/05/07, 14 mm
AT 3840-7 Pneumatic double acting 105 F05/07, 17 mm
AT 3840-8 Pneumatic double acting 169 F07/10, 22 mm
AT 3840-9 Pneumatic double acting 220 F07/10, 22 mm
AT 3840-10 Pneumatic double acting 355 F10, 22 mm
AT 3840-12 Pneumatic double acting 490 F10, 22 mm
AT 3840-14 Pneumatic double acting 1180 F12, 27 mm
AT 3840-15 Pneumatic double acting 1982 Contact Armatec
AT 3840-16 Pneumatic double acting 2650 F16, 46 mm
AT 3840-18 Pneumatic double acting 5950 F25, 55 mm
AT 3840-20 Pneumatic double acting 10960 F30, 75 mm
AT 3840-30 Pneumatic double acting 16440 Contact Armatec

Product information

Range of Application

Actuator for on-off and control of ball, butterfly and plug valves or where 90° rotation is demanded. Without spring return.

Program text

UEC.21 actuator for valve, pneumatic two position without spring return

Actuator AT 3840 pneumatic, double acting for on-off and control of ball and butterfly valves or where 90° rotation is required.

Quality Assurance

Solenoid valve connection and actuator top acc. to VDE/VDI 3845 (NAMUR), adapter is required.
Mounting flange and stem square drilled acc. to ISO 5211 and DIN 3337, adapter is required.

The actuators meet the requirements from the machine directive, MD 2006/42/EC and ATEX 94/9/EC.

All kinetrol pneumatic actuators are classified for use in potentiella explosive environments like group 2, category 2, suitable for zones 1, 2, 21 and 22 in accordance with Annex VIII, directive 94/9/CE (ATEX).

Material Specifiation

DetailNoMaterialSurface treatment
1Body1Actuator 0-7 ZL16-BSEN1774:1998, larger actuators aluminum LM24Epoxy anodized C4 according to EN-ISO 12944-2.
2Wing1Stainless steel
3Springs1Spring steel, Ur typePre-stressed

Dimension and weight double acting

Actuator 3840

Measurements in mm, weight in kg

Function and Design

The actuator only has one movable part which entails an outstanding operational dependability. The stroke length is adjusted simply with the help of stop screws on the side of the actuator. All actuators are function and tightness tested from a factory which guarantess 4 million operations. The actuators are modular and can be provided with limit switch box, positions, valve positioners and solenoid valve.

Mounting holes according to ISO 5211 and DIN 3337, for standardized mounting against the valve.

Headboards with adjustable screws for stroke length (5-10°).

Technical Information

Pressure:Supply pressure max 8 bar (e). Higher pressure on demand.
Temperature:-20°C to +80°C. Other ranges on request.
Manoeuvre medium:Air or inert gases, purity at least 40 micron.
(No requirements of mist lubrication). Oil or water.

Torque (Nm) AT 3840 double acting

ActuatorPressure (bar)
AT 3840-00.35050,60,750,9
AT 3840-12,63,54,55,66,7
AT 3840-24,66,48,240,212,1
AT 3840-39,613,417,421,325,3
AT 3840-520,027,535,04346,5
AT 3840-748,566,585,5105124
AT 3840-882,3111,4140,5169,0198,7
AT 3840-9102,0140,0179,0220261
AT 3840-10172232294355416
AT 3840-1456076097511801375
AT 3840-159371287163219822337
AT 3840-1613101750220026503100
AT 3840-1827503750485059506900
AT 3840-205310723090901096012760
AT 3840-30769510845136351644019140

Air consumption

Actuator sizeOperating time/Consumption by 5,5 bar
3840-Time in secondsAir consumption in liters

To calculate the exact time the valve torque is required, contact Armatec.

Dimensioning AT 3840 double acting

Actuator size357891012141518
Ball valve
AT 3502DN8-2025-506580100125-150200
AT 3507DN8-2025-4050-6580100150-200
AT 3582,3585DN15-2025-4050-6580-100125150200250-300
AT 3582HT, 3585HTDN15-2025-3240-6580100125150
Butterfly valve
AT 2282DN80-100125150-200250300-350400500
AT 2310-2344DN50-100150200250-300350-500

Accessories and Options


  • Visual position indicator.
  • Emergency gear shift between actuator and valve.
  • Internally connected pressurized air tank for emergency operation.
  • Block for control timing
  • Valve block for air evacuation from the acuator without dissassembly of the control air lines.
  • Inductive or mechanical limit switch.
  • Valve positioner, 4-20mA or 3-15 psi.
  • Limit switch box.
  • 180° rotation
  • "Spring to center"


The actuator can be installed indoors or outdoors in any position. All though mounting the valve with the air connections upwards should be avoided to minimze the risk of water and dirt to get inside of the valve.

Maintenance and spare parts

The actuator should be disconnected electrically and pneumatically before assembly or dissassembly is started. The actuator should be mounted with even spaced distances.

Spare parts
The repair kit includes the neccessary soft parts.


Article number, series number, max allowed operation pressure.
Manufacturer, year of production.
CE-marking, Ex marking including class.

How to order

Example: AT 3840-5
AT 38405
Article noSize