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Electric actuator AT 3901 (250-600 Nm)

Electric actuator for on/off or positioning of ball valves, butterfly or where a 90° rotation is needed.

Torque250 Nm till 600 Nm
Fits valves:AT3502, AT3507, AT3533S, AT3534S, AT3542, AT3547, AT3582, AT3585, AT3590, AT2282, AT 2310-2319, AT2270B


Article number Performance Control signal/Communication Torque (Nm) Power supply Amount
AT 3901-25-8B3A Electric On/Off On/Off 250 230V
AT 3901-25-8B3C Electric positioning 4-20mA, 0-10V, Profibus 250 230V
AT 3901-25-8B0A Electric On/Off On/Off 250 24VDC
AT 3901-25-8B0C Electric positioning 4-20mA, 0-10V, Profibus 250 24VDC
AT 3901-25-8B4A Electric On/Off On/Off 250 3x400V
AT 3901-25-8B4C Electric positioning 4-20mA, 0-10V, Profibus 250 3x400V
AT 3901-60-8B3A Electric On/Off On/Off 600 230V
AT 3901-60-8B3C Electric positioning 4-20mA, 0-10V, Profibus 600 230V
AT 3901-60-8B0A Electric On/Off On/Off 600 24VDC
AT 3901-60-8B0C Electric positioning 4-20mA, 0-10V, Profibus 600 24VDC
AT 3901-60-8B4A Electric On/Off On/Off 600 3x400V
AT 3901-60-8B4C Electric positioning 4-20mA, 0-10V, Profibus 600 3x400V

Product information

Range of application

Weather-proof actuator for On/Off manuvering or positioning of ball valves, butterfly or where a 90° rotation is needed. Torque 250 or 600 Nm.


UEC.11 Actuator for valve, electric, two-position without spring return
Actuator Bernard Electrical AT 3900 for 90° maneuvering of ball valves, butterfly or where a 90° rotation is needed.

Quality assurance


EC Directives 2004/108/EC, 2006/95/EC and complies with EN 61000-6-4, EN 61000-6-2, EN 60034-1 and EN 60529.

IP 67 rated .

Material specification

DetailMaterialSurface treatment
1BodyAluminumEpoxy painted RAL 2010
2CoverAluminumEpoxy painted RAL 2010
3Drive shaftMassive steelUntreated

Dimension and weight

Actuator/ Fig. noStandard drive shaftABCWeight
Dimension in mm, weight in kg *Is avaliable in requested size, parallel or a 45° rotationMeasurements in mm, weight in kg. *Possible to get in different sizes.

Function and design

Standard version

Reversible actuator in two sizes, for rotating 0-90 °, adjustable through a combination of cams, mechanical end stop and/or torque switches.

The acutator is a compact combination of an ctric motor with thermal overload protection and self-locking, permanently lubricated worm gear. Standard with manual emergency operation.

The actuator mounting dimensions in relation to the fittings are according to ISO 5211.

Design time 20 000 cycles (On-Off ) / 300 000 starts for modulating (positioning). Tested according to EN 15714-2 class A and B

Standard performance

Standard performance
Motor dutyS4-25% ED. 360 starter/h max
Temperature-20°C to +60°C
Anti condensation heaterYes
Thermal overload protectionThermostats

Permanently lubricated gear

Cable entries2 st.M20x1,5
End switches250V, max 16A
Torque switchesYes
Terminal block8 connections.

Technical data

Actuator 3901 on/off

Torque NmOperating time (50 Hz) sISO-connection230 V AC 50 Hz Ampere400 V AC 50 Hz Ampere24 VDC

Technical data

Actuator 3901 for positioning

Torque NmOperating time (50 Hz) sISO-Connection230 V AC 50 Hz Ampere400 V AC 50 Hz Ampere24VDC


Acutator size2560
Ball valve
AT 3502, 3522, 3542, 3547DN80-125125-200
AT 3507, 3527DN65-100125-150
AT 3582, 3585DN125150-200
AT 3590DN100125-350
Butterfly valve
AT 2310-2319DN200250-300

Accessories and options

On/off is avaliable in two different variants

1. The basic version with electromechanical circuit breaker. A feedback signal 4-20mA is possible with accessories POT and TAM.
2. With LCD display and push buttons, this includes control with either 4-20 mA or 0-10 V.

For regulatory

Precision is better than 2%, adjusting the dead band with potentiometer.
Configurable input, 4-20 mA, 0-20 mA or 0-10 V.
Output signal is same as input.
3 LED lights; Green (open), red (closed), yellow (torque switch or overheating enabled).
Mounting kit and stem extension.


During all work with the actuator the power MUST be disconnected.
- The actuator must be connected as per the wiring diagram.
- Each actuator must be powered by an individual switch or relay contact, minimum 16A, to prevent cross-feed between the actuators.
- At outdoor installation, the actuator should be protected by a roof or cap.
- Installation with the motor downwards should be avoided.
- Turn the valve with the control unit's hand wheel to centre position. See indication on top of the device.
- Always connect the heater.
- Check that the actuator turns the valve in the desired direction.
- The correct limit switch (open or closed) shall break the motor current.
- Cable entries must comply at least to the lowest protection class of devices.

See the separate sheet for start-up, storage and maintenance.


Article number, manufacturer, serial number, voltage and current.
Wiring diagram is placed by the motor at delivery.

How to order

Example: 3901-25-8B3A
Fig. no.SizeOperation timeConnectionVoltageOptions
Example: 3901-25-8B3C (Poaitioning with 4-20 mA or 0-10V Control signal)
* 25 eller 60 depending on needed torque
** 8=30 s
*** B=F07/10
**** 0=24 VDC, 3=230 VAC, 4=400 VAC
***** A=On/Off, B= On/off Logic, C=Regulating D=, E=1000 ohm POT, I=TAM