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Valve Systems

Armatec deliver all types of complex valve packages, such as emergency shutdown valves, blowdown valves and/or general shutdown systems. We do all engineering, development and testing at our facility in Oslo, Norway. All valve packages can be delivered with any third party product certificates if required (DNVGL, ABS, Lloys).

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ESD - Emergency Shutdown Valves

Emergency Shutdown Valves are a fundamental part of the safety systems associated with oil and gas…


BDV - Blowdown Valves

Due to closing ESD valves in a process, there may be some trapped flammable fluids, and these must…


SDV - Shutdown Valves

Process Shutdown Valves are intended to isolate the process. These valves are mainly connected to the…


PSV - Pressure Safety Valves

Pressure Safety Valves are usually used as a final safety solution when all previous systems fail to…