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Burst discs

Protects systems against over pressure and explosion hazards. It reduces costs in many industries such as process industry, oil and gas, chemical industry and petrochemical industry. We represent Zook rupture disks in the Nordic countries. It is important to keep in mind, that even though a rupture disk is designed for a specific system group, it can be utilized elsewhere. Just contact us to help you with your specific needs.


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Rupture disc Type RA

Industry Leading Quality Designs of Solid High-Performance Non-Scored & Scored Designs


Rupture disc Type SRA

The SRA rupture disk (bursting disc) covers the majority of rupture disk (bursting disc) applications…


Rupture disc Type SD

SD disks are an extension of ZOOK's impervious Graphite Rupture Disk Design. Application include: Food…


Rupture disc Type RLPS

The RLPS Sanitary Disk is an extension of ZOOK's Reverse Action Metal Rupture Disk design. Applications…


Rupture disc Type RAUS

The RAUS Sanitary Disk is an extension of ZOOK’s Reverse Acting (RA) Metal Rupture Disk (bursting disc)…


Rupture disc Zanitary Series

The ZANITARY® Series is an advanced sanitary disk designed for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and…


Rupture disc Type FAX

The FAX rupture disks (bursting discs) are solid metal cross-scored disk design. Designed to be used…


Rupture disc Type FAC

High performance Forward-Acting Rupture Disk design. Mounts into the FAH Pre-Torque Holder.