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Safety valves

The main purpose of a safety valve is to protect life, health and environment. All valves are designed to open and release excess pressure in systems where high pressure or temperatures occur, until normal conditions have been restored.


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Spring operated, High Performance

Flanged safetyvalves with high capacity compared to its size. It is considered as a universal safetyvalve…


Spring operated, API 526

Flanged safety valves that complies to all the requirements of API 526, like standardized dimensions…


Spring operated, Compact Performance

Threaded and/or flanged safety valves, with high capacity compared to its compact size. It contains…


Spring operated, Modulate Action

Flanged safety valves with a standard or large proportional opening range. Minimal media loss when…


Spring operated, Clean Service

Safety valves for pharmaceutical, food and beverage industry, which meets all relevant standards and…


Spring operated, Critical Service

PTFE-lined, flanged safety valves for corrosive meida, examples are chlorine, acid and lye. With its…


Spring operated S&R Valves

Safety valves to meet the requirements and demands of local laws and standards. Especially suitable…


Pilot operated Supplementary Loading System

Safety valve which has, until the pressure reaches set pressure, an additional force which increases…