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Pressure Gauge AT 4257

Pressure gauge R1/4 x 63 mm. Class 2,5.

Cold water meter AT 7051

Single jet turbine type meter, designed to measure cold drinking water, offering the capability to measure accurately a wide range of flow rates. Threaded connection,for horizontal mounting. Prepared for pulse/data sensor (M-bus)/radio type AT 7275CY.

Pressure Gauge AT 4258

Pressure gauge R1/4 x 63 mm. Class 2,5.Back tap.

Cold water meter AT 7110A

Cold water meter MeiStream type turbine wheel for distributions and pumping facilities with an accuracy of R100. Flanged connection with a large flow area and low pressure. Can be mounted both horizontally and vertically. The meter is available for

Air separator AT 8070BK

Automatic air-/particle separator of steel. Gas-/particle separator and dirt protection.

Pressure Gauge AT 4259

Pressure gauge R3/8 x 100 mm. Class 1,0. For industrial applications use 4259R, acid proof media wetted material that withstands +200°C. Also in dampened performance.

Cold water meter AT 7420A, 7430A

Water meter with a piston measuring chamber design for cold water with a accuracy of R160. For horizontal and vertical mounting. Is available in submersible performance for pulse/data (M-bus)/radio sensor, type AT 7275HRI.

Vacuum pump LPH MAG 75320/75330/75340

Two stage vacuum pump in robust design with magnetic coupling

Cold water meter AT 7050B

Liquid-immersed, multi-jet residential meter for measuring cold water with accuracy R80. Threaded connection, only for horizontal mounting. Prepared for pulse/data sensor (M-bus)/radio type AT 7275HRI.

Backflow preventer

Protection module type BA with flanged connection for fluid category 4 according to SS-EN 1717.

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