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Armatec COM

Welcome to the joint page for Armatec Nordic. To get in touch with one of our Nordic companies, proceed to our contact page or choose language in the top right corner and proceed to your home market.

Pressure maintenance & Expansion

Extend the lifetime Reinforce the operational safety Create a stable operational pressure Avoid having to inspect the expansion vessel Quick start your pressure maintenance Pre-pressured

Swedish Wave Power can supply the world with clean energy

Imagine a clean energy source, inspired by the human heart, with the potential to generate 10-20 percent of all electricity needed globally. Corpower Ocean is determined to create Wave Power that can

Joel Fredholm, Purchase manager

Ties strong bonds with the suppliers It is important for Armatec to have strong relationships its suppliers. Joel Fredholm, Purchasing Manager for the purchasing department at Armatec acts as a

Increasing requirements for energy efficiency

We provide energy-saving heating and cooling applications with compact heat exchangers and smart regulation. With Alfa Laval exchangers you get energy-efficient systems that meet the increased

Quick start your pressure maintenance

Imagine a unit for pressure maintenance that you can easily connect and get started. Sounds too good to be true? The lack of questions from our costumers concerning starting up is evidence of its

Extend the lifetime

Pre-pressured expansion vessels with bellows instead of membrane tend to rust less. This is because the fluid is not in contact with the vessel’s steel casing. We will provide you with a vessel that

De-gas your heating system

Air in the system is often the culprit behind reduced heat transfer, noise and corrosion. We know how to overcome the problems with the right products all the way from the district heating unit to

Create the right conditions for controlling

We provide you with the right products that give you the right conditions to monitor and control your process. That also applies when you need to fulfil certain standards, ATEX for example. 501

Install part by part

Limited space? We will do what it takes for your accumulation tank to fit. You can get your tank delivered without insulation, with removable side parts and with a hook for crane assembly. 499

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