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Product information

Main facts

Dimension rangePNTemperature rangeMaterial
DN 15-25040Max 400 ºCSteel

Range of Application

At applications when rapid drainage of condensate is required for example at dryer, and presses for textiles, plastics and rubber.

Quality Assurance

Certificate SS-EN 10204, type 2.2 and 3.1B, type of certificate has to be specified upon ordering.

Fulfil PED 97/23/EC acc. to module H.

Function and Design

Standard sub cooling is 10oC.
Automatic air evacuating.
AT 4305 internal mounted strainer. AT 4420B and 4422B are provided with external strainer.
Integrated check valve function.
Optional built in position.
No damage by water hammer.
To be installed easily.
Service minded.



Manufacturer, DN, PN, material and flow arrow.

How to order

Examplel: AT 4305B-15
AT 4305B=int. threads15
AT 4420B=int. threads20
AT 4422B=flanged