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Radio system RF AT 7087RF

Product information

Range of application

Radio-system RFis an advanced Walk-by/Drive-by or a fixed wireless radio system for wireless remote reading via license-free radio frequency 868 MHz. With radio system RF, measured values can be read from meters with radio system RF or wM bus. With this radio communication system there is the possibility of measurement management for further process and analysis as well as the ability to create data that is transferred to the billing-system.

Suitable applications are for reading limited-access gauges, for example, in a water-filled well. Can also be used for individual measurement in terraced areas or areas with large geographical spread.

The system is flexible and can easily be expanded and supplemented with more transmitters/gauges.

Using Android based mobile application DIAVAZO, route planning, addressing of gauges, transfers to existing billing system, etc. are performed.

The advantages of radio-based remote reading:

Improves the readout/reading:
- Unbroken data chain from meter to debit system
- Reduces the risk of error debts
- Easier to read more often which increases consumption / leakage

Saves times:
- With wireless reading, limited access meters can be read easily and easily (eg well meters) - do not need to drain the meter well and do not climb it to read the meter.
- Wireless reading meter where only authorized personnel have access, pharmaceutical companies etc. - Saves portkeepers, codes, courses etc.

Simplifies measurement:
- Sit in the car and read
- Read multiple meters from a reading point
- Transfer and configure measurement values digitally via the software to the debit system, which provides increased data security
- Complete easily with more meters or transmitters - no wiring or conjugation changes.

Improves the working environment:
- Avoid workplace accidents
- Release climbing into the well


8 meter-systems, measurement value transmission via radio communication
Meter reading radio system AT 7087 .... type RF

Function and design

The system consists of the following components:

  • Meter
  • Radio transmittor (retrofitted or integrated in meters)
  • Collection-equipment including software according to one of the following options:
  • SIRT, software and android mobile or reading disc
  • Gateway, repeaters and software

Meter's that are used in the RF radio system shall be equipped with an integrated electronic register or alternatively equipped with an HRI-trick or open-collector pulse output or radio-transmitter reed.

Examples of meters with integrated electronic register are AT 7450, AT 7440.

AT 7275RF, AT 7275HRI-RF and 7275MEI-RF are transmitters that enable HRI-triggers or alternate open-collector or reed pulse outputs to be integrated and communicated with RF radio system. These can be used in both mobile and fixed radio networks.

The transmitters can be configured with the radio modem AT 7087SIRT together with DIAVASO (mobile application).

Radio-system RFoffers two communication routes, single and bi-directional communication. The one-way communication is called BUP (Bubble UP meter Reading Packet Format).

  • BUP provides fast reading, easy use and reading, finds meters within a certain range and small short telegrams with information about measurement ID, accumulated consumption, alarm flags and the possibility of automated route reading on a radio network.
  • The two-way radio communication is called LAT (List After Talk), and LAT receives extended radio telegrams with more consumer values, can request measurement data from measurement points, remote configuration of alarm and alarm reset, and ability to download data logger statistics.

Transmitting data

Available data from sender
AT 7275RF, AT 7275HRI-RFMeasurement ID, Measurement Index, Alarm, Fixed Measurement Reading, Data Logger
Alarm (leakage, cable break*, backflow*, pipe break, internal error, low battery-life)
Integrated e-register, ex AT 7450
Measurement informationMeasure ID, Signal Level, Time Stamp, Measurement Type, Data Logger Settings
Flow and volume dataMeasurement Index, Momentary Flow, Min/Max Flow, Backflow
Alarm informationAlarm flags, Alarm activation, Leak start / stop, Sabotage start / stop,
Backflow start/stop, Pause break, Remaining battery life,
Time ago, battery level alarm was started
Additional data2880 data points in data logger information, measurement read date
Radio statusBUP-interval, LAT-interval, OMS-status, OMS-interval
*If the meter's protocol allows this information

Technical data

Technical specifications7275RF7275HRI-RF, 7275MEI-RF
Power supplyLithium battery (15 year battery-life)Lithium battery (15 years battery-life)
Radio specifications
Radio band868 (433)MHz868 (433)MHz
Radio effect25 (10) mW25 (10) mW
Radio protocolSensus RF radio protocol two way direction,Sensus RF radio protocol two way protocol,
wM-Bus OMS one way directionwM-Bus OMS one way direction
Pulse interface
Minimum pulse length32 ms32 ms
Max pulse-rate60 ms60 ms
Max pulse frequens10 Hz10 Hz
Detection open(0...0.7) V(0...0.7) V
Detection closed(2.0...2.5) V(2.0...2.5) V
Max cable capacity10 nF10 nF
Internal resistance10 kOhm10 kOhm
Internal voltage2,5 V2,5 V
Protection classIP68IP68
Storage temperaturemin -20grC/max +70grC
Performance temperaturemin -20grC/max +60grC
Measurement and weight
Dimension, mm.45 x 115 x 4045 x 115 x 40
Weight, kg.0,2300,230

Gateway and repeater

RF Gateway AT 7087RF-GW is a gateway designed for fixed radio networks with the function of receiving measured values in periodic intervals or on call from meters supporting radio protocol RF and repeater AT 7087RF-REP. Measurement values are transmitted via GPRS or Etherent communication to servers or e-mail.

Repeater AT 7087RF-REP has the function of amplifying the radio signal. AT 7087REP-RF communicates via a two way communication and can be used in both fixed- and Walk-by/Drive-by radio systen. The repeater can communicate with meter supporting RF radio, other repeater AT 7087RF-REP, AT 7087SIRT and gateway AT 7087RF-GW.

Attach to a post or a wall with screws on the rear of the bracket. Orientation as shown.

Transmitting data

AT 7087RF-GW, AT 7087REP-RF
Radio signal range between measurement point and gateway

Free area ≤ 500m

Within settlement ≤ 300m
Difficult environment ≤ 100m
Radio signal range between gateway and repeater, and repeater to repeaterUp to 1000m
Radio signal range between measurement point and repeater

Free area ≤ 500m

Within settlement ≤ 200m

Difficult environment ≤ 100m

Number of repeaters in sequenceMax 7 repeat in succession. Maximum number of meters per repeater is 298 pcs.
All transmitters can also be used for broadcasting up to 100m each (max 3 consecutive)

Technical data

Power supply65...285 VAC,Lithium battery
Internal NIMH backup battery with power failure max 1 hour.12 years battery-life
Option 12-24 VDC for solar panels, consumption 8,2 W
Radio specifications
Radio band868 (433) MHz868 (433) MHz
Radio effectMeasuring to gateway 25 mW,Meter for repeater 25 mW,
Repeater to Gateway 100 mWRepeater to Repeater/SIRT up to 100 mW,
Repeater to Gateway up to 100 mW.
Number of measurement pointsUp to 1000 measurement Points (512 KB flash, 128 KBRam)Up to 298 measuring point
Radio protocolSensus RF radio protocol two way communicationSensus RF radio protocol
Transmission4 times per day (default),
Alarms are transmitted directly (max 20 min.)
Reading on request directly(1 ggr/day)
Standards, approvalsCECE
Anatel, RoHs approvedRadio frequency: EN 300-220-3/-1
R&TTE directive 99/5/ECEMC: EN 301-489-/-3 V1.4.1
Configuration interface
ReadoutGSM/GPRS and Ethernet
Configuration interfaceGPRS and Ethernet remote, USB locally
AMR intergrationIrislite- built in SMTP and FTP service
CAS Iris communications server
CAS HemeraTMPlattform - SmartWaterTMmodule
Protection classIP65IP68
Storage temperaturemin -20grC/max +70grCmin -20grC/max +60grC
Performance temperaturemin -20grC/max +70grCmin -20grC/max +60grC
EnvironmentAvoid direct sunlight when installing outdoors,Avoid direct sunlight when installing outdoors,
Avoid cold, dirty and humid environmentAvoid cold, dirty and humid environment
Measurement and weight
Dimension, mm.306 x 222 x 113145 x 80 x 80
Weight, kg.0,540
EncapsulationAluminum alloy, UV resistanceABS

SIRT (sensus interface radio tool) radio modem

AT 7087SIRT is a handheld radio modem for connection to radio system RF, measurement data is transmitted via Bluetooth to an Andriod mobile or reading disc. The AT 7087SIRT has two internal antennas for increased range, with the ability to complement an external antenna for drive-by applications. With the DIAVASO software, the system can offer the following features;

  • Installation and reading of measurement points
  • Radio receivers for measuring points and repeaters
  • Configuration changes of measurement points such as alarm limits

Is uses to read meter through preprogrammed route or via route planning mode. Route planning mode means reading all the meters within the range of the radio modem to build up its route. The building of the route with input and/or import of customer data is then done in DIAVASO mobile application.


SIRT Radiomodem

Collection of measurement values. SIRT connects to existing android mobile or readpad via Bluetooth or via USB to PC. Used to go around and collect measurement values.

SoftwareMobile application DIAVASO or PC software SensusREAD.
Transmission power25 mW on license-free frequency 868 MHz
Weight295 g
Operating temperature

-18°/+60°C (Storage -20°/+60°C )

Data transferUSB-connection
Dimensions95 x 145 x 35mm

Technical data

Power supplyRechargeable Lithium Ion battery via supplied cable to PC or 230V.
Usually 12 hours. Operating time at full charge
Modulation2-GFSK, 2-FSK for wMBUS T1
USBVersion 2.0
BluetoothClass II Interface
Radio specification
Radio band868 (433)MHz
Radio effect25 mW for measurement point, 1 mW to enable the radio communication measurement point after installation
Radio protocolSensus RF radio protocol, wM-Bus T1
Protection classIP53
Storage temperaturemin -20 grC/max +60 grC
Performance temperaturemin --18g rC/max +60 grC
Charge batterymin 0 grC/max +40 grC
Measurement and weight
Dimension, mm.95 x 145 x 35
Weight, kg.0,295

DIAVASO mobile application

DIAVASO is a mobile application with several underlying applications for remote reading of metrics via Android-based mobile or tablet. The DIAVASO application consists of various individual applications, RF Finder, Collection Station, Collection Mobile Configuration & Service and Data Logger. These can be used individually or in combination, depending on your system requirements for remote reading (AMR) or for small scale fixed networks (AMI).

Mobile applications are compatible with most Android-based smartphones and tablet and communicate with the SIRT radio modem. DIAVASO is compatible with all meter and repaters communicating via RF radio system.

The applications are designed to be used for installation of measurement points, remote reading, maintenance and configuration of gauge and repeaters, and handling of reading routes. The Collection Mobile application can also communicate with web server to handle workflow for metering, reporting and data exchange with billing systems.

DIAVASO mobile applications - comparative properties

Collection mobile (CM)Collection Station (CS)Configuration and ServiceRF Finder (RF)
Read-through and workflow control to Walk-by/Drive-byFor easy drive-city and smaller fixed networksRead and configure tools for installers and service techniciansLocate, read and "health test" your meter


Fixed small-scale radio networkxx
BUP data (meter-ID, measurement value, alarm, radio signal quality)xxxx
Fast mode (BUP data)xx
Semi data (Full Data Mode)xxx
Reading at the specified datexx
Find meters and repeaters within reachxx
Measurement reading on requestxxx
Reading a specific routexx
Scheduled reading (fixed radio network)x
Send measurement data to serverxxxx
Sending notificationxxxx
Reset and change of parametersx
See signal strengthxxxx
Adjust radio linkx
Configure gauge, radio and userx
Reports and adm. dashboardx
Map viewx
Photo featurexx

Technical data DIAVASO applications

Application nameRequirement

RF Finder

Configuration and service
Data Logger- Android version 4.2 (Jelly Bean) or higher
- Android device with screen size of at least 4 ", blue screen function and network connection
- Available FTP server and SIRT radio modem
Collection Station

- Android version 4.2 (Jelly Bean) or higher

- Android device with bluetooth, WiFi or mobile network access.
- Battery driver for the Android device and SIRT radio modem (for stationary mode).
- SIRT radio modem
- Available FTP (SFTP, FTPS) server
(To be able to get configuration from and to send collected measurement data to).
- Available SMTP server (if email is required)
- Android-device with SIM-kort
(If SMS is required or if the mobile network will be used as the only option for uploading/downloading files from/to FTP).
Collection Mobile

- Android version 4.2 (Jelly Bean) or higher.

- Android device with screen size of at least 4 "and Bluetooth function.
- Network access to CM (Collection Mobile)
- SIRT radio modem
- Web server access

Export and Reporting:

File format for exporting files: CSV
File format for file reporting: PDF
Reporting: All route reports, single read report, alarm

CM server requirements

Operation system: Windows (Windows 7 or higher, Windows Server 2008 R2 or higher), Linux (Kernel måust be at least 3.10)
Ram-memory: At least 3GB with 5GB of available disk space.
Installation requirements:
- Adiminator (Windows) or Root (Linux/Unix) permissions on the device in question.
- Valid certificate for the domain that will be used to run Sensus server web application. The certificate must be stored in a following format; JKS, PKCS11 or PKCS12. Owned ceremonies come running out to work properly. The certificate must be signed by a public certificate authority.
- JRE 7 or higher should be installed on the device for which it is intended.

Hosting Service:

CM Server can be hosted by Sensus Data Center.

Drive-by/Walk-by application

In a system consisting of many meter where all or part of the them are geographically collected. Meters are read with integrated electronic register or transmitted with RF radio communication to the SIRT radio modem. The software defines which meters are included in each reading point. You can build the system in any way.

- Radio modem that can easily be mounted in the car holder. With the help of an external roof rack, the range increases and the meter can be read from a long distance and can be left in the car while reading.

- The radio modem is connected to an existing laptop that is included in the car or via bluetooth connectivity to Android based mobile application.

Fixed radio network

In a system consisting of a maximum of 1000 meters, all meters are automatically read to a collection device, a so-called gateway. The gateway then sends the signal via the GPRS network and an existing FTP server to your network server. The system is built with radio repeaters AT 7087REP-RF, which receives the measurement values from the meters and relayes to the AT 7087GW-RF collection unit or another radio amplifier. Using an Excel-based program, the measured values are automatically recorded with a preset time interval. The server is automatically notified when alarms, such as cable breaks and low battery levels.

How to order

Art. noDescription
AT 7450MeterStatic cold water meter that has extremely high measurement accuracy with integrated electronic register and radio
AT 7440MeterCold-water meter with integrated electronic register and radio
AT 7275HRI-RFTransmitter

Type HRI for the wing wheel and ring piston gauge AT 7050B7420A/7430. Cable length 2,5 m

AT 7275RFTransmitterFor pulse output meters type AT 7080/7085, 7029. Cable length 2,5 m.
AT 7275MEI-RFTransmitter

Type HRI for mainstream meter type AT 7110A, AT 7170. DN 50-300. Cable length 2,5 m.

AT 7299IP68KABCouplingIP68-rated cable connection for extension of transmission cable.
AT 7087RF-REPRepeaterRadio amplifier for long distance data transmission
AT 7087SIRTRadiomodemHandheld Radio Modem for reading and configuring measurement points
AT 7087RF-GWGatewayCollection unit of measurement values in fixed radio networks.
Transfer of measurement value to mail or web server via GSM/GPRS or TCP/IP
AT 7087FINDER-RFApplicationAndroid-based mobile application for detection of measurement points
AT 7087CS-RFApplicationAndroid-based mobile mobilization Collection Mobile for drive-by or small fixed-line networks
AT 7087CMS-RFApplicationAndroid-based mobile mobilization Collection Mobile for drive-by or small fixed-line networks
AT 7087CMM-RFApplicationAndroid-based mobile mobilization Collection Mobile for drive-by or small fixed-line networks
AT 7087CMH-RFApplicationAndroid-based mobile mobilization Collection Mobile for drive-by or small fixed-line networks
AT 7087CMU-RFApplicationAndroid-based mobile mobilization Collection Mobile for drive-by or small fixed-line networks
AT 7087CONFIG-RFApplicationAndroid-based mobile appillation for reading measurement values and setup tools for installers and service technicians
för installatörer och servicetekniker
AT 7087DL-RFApplicationAndroid-based mobile application with data logger function and to send measurement values to FTP server
AT 7087-CMS-RFHostingOn request