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AT 7096A

Pulse counter AT 7096A

Product information

Range of application

An electronic pulse counter which calculates pulses from one or more meters with the same pulse count (e.g. 10) and the same unit (e.g. liter). It is also possible to sum incoming pulses and get the result on one of the output terminals. Differential measurement function is also avalible.

Dimensions and weight

AT 7096A
Hole c-c, wall attachment (4 pcs.)83,5
Dimensions in mm, weight in kg.

Function and design

The pulse counter, AT 7096A, has 5 pulse inputs (potential-free Reed or potential-dependent transistor pulses Open Collector.) For example, the following pulse transducers can be used: AT 7275HRI-A1-.. or AT 7275RES-PD.. built-in pulse generators from e.g. AT 7029.., AT 7029G.., AT 7129.. AT 7169. If multiple pulse inputs are connected to the same pulse counter, then all pulses must have the same counts (e.g. 10) and unit (e.g. liter). At startup, the calculator is programmed with pulse rate and unit.

Summed pulses are shown in the correct unit on the display (l, m3, kWh etc.).
The device has 5 outputs for alarm or redistribution of the input pulse to another collection system.

The pulse counter has several functions:
- Function for differential measurement between two inputs, e.g. for VVC measurement with two meters before and after the VVC pump.
- The counter can be reset manually or automatically after a certain number of pulses.
- Dosage function: The output is closed after a certain number of pulses or after a certain amount of time.

Technical information

Power supply:
AT 7096A1Power supply, supplied transformer. 230VAC / 4.5VDC 100mA. Connection terminal J1
NOTE! Absolute load minimum 4.0 VDC maximum 9.0 VDC
AT 7096A2Battery operation, 3 psc. AA á 1,5 V (not included), mounted in holder in enclosure.
Supply power:max. 400uA without nacklighting
Inputs:Handles pulses (Open Collector type) and closing potential-free type
Max 24 VDC, 25 Hz and minimum pulse weight 20 msec
Terminals J2 & J3
Outputs:NPN open collector
24 VDC and 250 mA

Terminal J4. The same ground (jord) for every output

NOTE! If an inductive load is connected, an additional external protection is required to charge a diode.
Counter type:LCD-display 2x16 characters with background lights (only power fed, AT 7096A1)
Unit Groups:Units for volume, length, mass, energy and pulses
Units:l, m3, in3, ft3, yd3, gal, m, in, ft, yd, g, kg, ton, oz, lb
kJ, MJ, GJ, Wh, kWh, MWh, GWh, kpm
Resolution 5 integers and 3 decimals
Display language:Swedish/English
Ambient temperature:-20°C...+70°C
Enclosure (kapsling):Grey plastic IP 44, halogen-free
Cable entry:5 pcs. PG7


Maximum cable length between meter and the counter should not exceed 50m with a standard signal cable. If the partwire signal cable is being used, the distance can be increased to 150m.

Power-driven calculator with supplied transformer is available in two variants.

1. Black cable (GND) and black cable with a drawn white line (+)

2. Black cable with white stripes (GND) and black cable (+). Battery replacement for a battery powered calculator can be done without 0-position of the display.

When the counter is started for the first time it must be set. Language, sum/differential measurement, measurment unit, pulse rate, number of units , output mode (mirroring/alarm), alarm reset (manual/auto), reset. The unit is operated with two buttons (STEP for ...stegning.. and OK for confirmation).

During operation, a key press causes the display to lighten up and the main meny is displayed. There you can choose to display the meter values from input 1-5, reset (manual or automatic) and alarm menu (reset and time- or pulse control).

See the installation instructions.