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AT 7185

Flowmeter AT 7185

Flow range with inductive metering principle for measuring flows on conductive fluids in closed pipe systems. Suitable for most media like cold water and warm water, sewage water mm. Used for process control and distribution facilities. Can be used for thermal energy measurement.

Dimension rangeDN 15 to DN 1200
PN10 to 16
Temperature range-10ºC to +70ºC, short term +90ºC (as an option -20ºC to 130ºC PTFE lining)
MaterialNBR alternatively.EPDM


Article number Description Amount
AT 7185- metering pipe, NBR
AT 7185-E metering pipe, EPDM
AT 7185-P metering pipe, PTFE
AT 7185-MAG5 Signal converter
AT 7185-MAG6 Signal converter with dosing function
AT 7185WALL Accessories, wall mounting kit (needs AT7185-10C)
AT 7185SUB Accessories, submersible capsuling (IP 68), 10 mvp
AT 7185-10C Accessories, standard cable 10m
AT 7185-10SC Accessories, special cable (screened) 10m

Product information

Main facts

Dimension rangePNTemperature rangeMaterial

DN 15-1200

16/10-10°C to 70 ºC (short term 90 ºC)Carbon steel, Lining: NBR alt. EPDM

Range application

For measuring flows on conductive fluid in closed pipe systems. Suitable for most media like cold water, hot water, sewage water and other types of corrosive fluids with different viscosity. Used for process control and distribution facilities.

Program text

UGE.35 Meter for flow, pipe mounted with digital display accumulated value
Flow meter, magnetically inductive, AT 7185, DN ..... PN... Internal lining of..... Signal converter compact (alternatively wall mounted) type AT 7185 alt. MAG6.

Quality assurance

EMC 2004/1087EG, LVD 2006/95/EG, MID 2004/22/EG, PED AFS 1994:4. Certified according to FM class 1 div 2. Drinking water approval is available for EPDM-lining.

Material specification

1Body and flangesCarbon steel ST 37.2, two-component epoxy coating (Corrosivity category C4)
2LiningNBR hard rubber (standard) alt. EPDM
3ElectrodesHastelloy C276
4Signal converterFiberglass reinforced polyamide

Dimensions and weight

EN 1092-1 PN 16Excluding signal converterIncluding signal converter
DNA *)B CVikt **)
Dimensions in mm, weight in kg
All flange dimensions according to EN 1092-1 (or ANSI B 16.5 on request)
*) If grounding flanges are mounted as an option, these and the strainer need to be added to the height.
**) With mounted signal converter MAG6000/5000 increases the weight with roughly 1 kg.

Function and design

The meter principle based on Faraday's induction law that says that when a conductor(fluid) moves through a magnetic field(meter pipe) it creates an induced current. This current is directly proportional to the flow. The meter readings is handled by the signal converter which gives the desired output signal. A prerequisite is that the conductive ability of the fluid is over 5 mikroS/cm.

The flow meter consists of a meter pipe, completely without movable parts and a signal converter that is mounted directly on the meter pipe or separately on a wall. The meter pipe is provided with a lining to decrease the risk for internal build up. The lining is selected based on the area of use, temperature etc. grounding electrodes are integrated in the meter pipe.

Signal converter MAG 5000
Wide meter area with high accuracy (± 0,4% of measured value). LCD-indicator for reading. Doesn't need calibration. Equipped with self diagnosis, automatic zero point adjustment and indicated an empty meter pipe and flow direction signal. Is available with type approval for cold water.

Signal converter MAG 6000
Very high accuracy (±0,2% of measured value). Dosing function. Limit alarm. In other aspects similar to MAG 5000.

Technical data

Meter pipe MAG 5100W
Flow rangeSee connection in table
Meter accuracy±0,5 %, see chart
Pressure loss at 3 m/sec.DN 50-300 (down coned 1 DN): max. 25 mbar
DN 350-1200: as straight pipe
Lowest conduction ability of media5 mikroS/cm
Protection classIP 67 enl. EN 60529, 1 mvp under 30 min.
FlangesAccording to EN 1092-1 (ANSI B16.5 as option)

Pressure and temperature

Pressure and temperature
PressureDN15...DN40PN 40
DN 50... DN 150PN 16
DN 200... DN 1200PN 10 (DN 200..DN1200 option PN16)
Media temperatureDN 15... DN 1200-10...70 °C

Technical information signal booster

Signal converter
Operational current115/230 V AC (alternatively 24 V AC/DC, 11...30 V)
Protection classIP 67 according to IEC 529 and DIN 40050, 1 mvp under 30 min.
Surrounding temperatureDuring operation-20 till +50°C
Storage-40 till +70°C
Signal outputAnalog0-20 mA eller 4-20 mA
Resistance<800 ohm
Tidskonstant0,1-30 s. adjustable
Digital outputFrequency0-10 kHz 50% cycle
Time constant0,1-30 s. adjustable
Active24 V DC, 30 mA, 1 K Ω≤Rload≤ 10 K Ω
Passive3-30 V DC max. 110 mA, 200 Ω ≤Rload≤ 10 K Ω
RelayChange-over relay
Current42 V AC/2 A, 24 V DC/1A
Digital input11-30 V DC, Ri=4,4 k Ω
activation time50 ms
CurrentI11 V DC = 2,5 mA, I30 V DC = 7 mA
Functionsinstantaneous and total flow, stop function by low flow or empty pipe,
Indication of flow direction, error messages, run time, limit switch,
uni/bidirectional flow, pulse output, control of cleaning and dosing 1)
Galvanically isolatedAll in- and outputs are galvanically isolated
Stop functionLow flow0-9,9% of max flow
Empty pipeDetection of empty meter pipe
CounterTwo eight figure counters for front, net and back flow
DisplayLCD-display with back lighting with alpha numerical text,
3 x 20 characters for indication of flow, total readings, settings and error messages
Back flows are indicated with negative characters.
Time constantTime constant as actual output
Zero point adjustmentAutomatic
Electrode input impedance> 1 x 1014 Ω
CommunicationStandardPrepared for additional client mounted modules
1) Only MAG 6000


The graph below shows the relation between flow speed, V, flow quantity, Q and the flow meter dimension DN.

Selection of flow meter
For sizing pick approtiate meter that gives a flow speed withing 2...3 m/s or more is recommended. This is partly to secure a good gauging accuracy, but also to prevent build up on the electrodes and insulation lining in the meter pipe. This gives in general at least one dimension less on the meter than the pipe line. In that case control that the pressure loss in the down cone doesn't get to large.

For measuring fluids with a high particle content the flow speed should be within 3...5 m/s or more to prevent internal build up.

Accessories and variants

Signal converter MAG 5000Wide range with high accuracy (±0,4 % of measured reading).
LCD-indicator for reading. Does not need calibration.
Equipped with self diagnosis, automatic zero point adjustment and indicates empty meter pipe and flow direction signal.AT 7185-MAG5
Signal converter MAG 6000Very high accuracy (±0,2 % of measured reading).
Dosing function. Limit alarm. In other aspects similar to MAG 5000.AT 7185-MAG6
Meter pipe liningAlternate material, PTFE-teflon (temp. area-20...130 alt. 180 °C).
Used for e.g. in Glycol- and larger heating How to order
Pressure classOption PN 16 DN 200-1200se How to order
Capsule kitSubmersible performance (IP 68, 10 mvp in 10 years) for use with
standard MAG 5000 signal converter, when the meter pipe is buried or submersed. AT 7185SUB
Grounding/protection flangeType C. Extra grounding ring (e.g. DN 100)AT 7185-100J
Wall mounting kitTo IP 67 version. Including wall mounts and 5 st. Pg13 screwed cable entries.AT 7185WALL
Standard electrodes and signal cable3 x 1,5 mm2 PVC in the lengths: 10 m, 20 m, 40 m, 60 m and 100 m. (t.ex. 10 m.)AT 7185-10C
Special electrodes and signal cableDouble screened PVC (recommended for long distances and when
detection of empty pipe is used).
Available in the lengths: 10 m, 20 m, 40 m, 60 m and 100 m. (e.g. 10 m.) AT 7185-10CS


When there is ethanol in the water, use EPDM lining. MAG meter in smaller dimensions, with battery or other lining for higher temperatures etc. on request.


The flow meter can be installed so that the meter pipe is always filled with liquid, in horizontal mode or vertically. Avoid high points or dropping pipes.

Straight lines of at least 5xD before the meter and 3xD after is required. Eventual down coning can be used on the straight. Choose a position where the flow isn't pulsating and avoid places where the meter is exposed to electromagnetic interferance.

With media temperatures > 90oC compact mounting with signal converter on the meter pipe not possible. Use signal cable (e.g. AT 7185-10C) and wall mounting kit (AT 7185WALL).

In other cases, please see the separate instruktion manual.

Maintenance and spare parts

Since the flow meter doesn't have any movable parts, it's basically maintenance free. The only maintenance requirement is cleaning the meter pipe and electrodes. There is also a possibility to replace electrodes, and if these get affected, to alternative materials.


The meter pipe and the signal converter are marked with serial number, size, electric data mm.

How to order

Meter pipe (NOTE! Signal converter are ordered separately, see next How to order)
Example: AT 7185-100P-PN16
AT 7185-100P-PN16
Fig. nr.DNLining (option)Pressure class (option)
NBR hard rubber (standard)PN 16 for DN 200-1200