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Cold water meter AT 7450

Measurent of cold water through a display showing total consumed amount. The water meter is a static meter with extremely high measuring accuracy and it measures flow based on electromagnetic inductive metering principle. The meter has no movable parts and therefore retains its accuracy throughout its life span. The readings are registered in the integrated electronic register and can be communicated wirelessly (868 MHz) through radio or wireless M-Bus.

Dimension rangeG 3/4 to G 2
Temperature range+1ºC to +50ºC


Article number Description Amount
AT 7450-15-2,5 DN15, Q3= 2,5, Length 110mm
AT 7450-20-4 DN20, Q3=4, Length 190mm
AT 7450-25-10 DN25, Q3= 6, Length 260mm
AT 7450-40-16 DN15, Q3= 10, Length 300mm

Product information

Main facts

Dimension rangePNTemperature rangeMaterial

G 3/4 - G 2

16+0,1 °C to +50 ºCComposite

Range of application

Measurent of cold water through a display showing total consumed amount. The area of use is applications with high demands of accuracy, wants information about instantaneous flow and in need of leakage indication combined with wireless reading. The is using electromegnetic technology and has no movable parts (static flow metering). The readings are registered and sent on through a built in remote reading (radio or wireless M-Bus). Delivered with a cartridge check valve.

Program text

UGE.35 Meter for flow, pipe mounted with digital display, accumulated value.
Meter for cold tap water AT 7450-...., Q3.... m3/h, DN ...., PN16, in composite. Including remote reading by radio or WlMbus.

Quality assurance

2004/22/EC (MID), CE, EN 14154:2007, OIML R49:2006. Drinking water approval KTW/DVGW (D), WRAS (UK), ACS (F)

Dimensions and weight

Connection after DN15202540
C(Largest width)9494114114
Connection, meter3/4"1"11/2"2"
Measurements in mm, weight kg

Function and design

The water meter is a electromagnetic meter(magnetic inductive metering principle) with an accuracy Ratio R160 (standard) alternatively R800. This means that the meter measures extremely thoroughly even at low flow and also across the entire flow range. The meter has an electronic counter and is battery driven with up to 15 + 1 years life span under normal operational conditions. The meter has no moveable parts and is therefore mostly maintenance free. It is not affected by air bubbles, sand, particles or network-specific features such as pressure drops or overload flow.

The meter has a high update frequency with low power consumption. The flow calculations is done every 0,5 seconds under continuous flow and every 0,25 seconds during test mode.
The meters design allows mounting of the the meter in any position.

Remote reading is done through a low energy 868 MHz (standard) or 433 MHz built in radio system that supports both radio Sensus RF and wMbus (wireless M-bus). The meter can log 2880 data points (equivalent to a month of consumption values with 15 minute intervals) and alarm with over 30 parameters like for example meter reading, alarm (empty tube, magnetic sabotage, back flow, pipe breakage leakage), meter status and time stamping.

AT 7450 is made in composite. This means that the meters manufacturing process is environmentally friendly through, among other things energy consumption and lack of heavy metalls like lead, zinc and copper. The material in the meter is 100% recyclable and has a high resistance against chlorine and other substances that can be found in drinking water. Composite has the same strength as materials like brass but a significantly lower elasticity, which makes it so the meter body absorbs pressure stroke better without taking damage. The material's low weight also makes it easier to store, handle and transport.

Technical information

Meteorological properties7450-15-2,57450-20-47450-25-6,37450-25-107450-40-16
Q3Permanent flow, m3/h (meter size)2,546,31016
RRatio (Q3/Q1)800 (160)800 (160)800 (160)800 (160)800 (160)
Start flow, l/h1,01,62,54,06,4
Q1Minimum flow, l/h (tolerance +- 5%).3,1357,8812,520
Q2Boundary flow, l/h (tolerance +-2%).5812,62032
Q4Overload flow, m3/h3,12557,87512,520
The values in the table above are well within the meteorological properties that are described in Swedac's regulations for MID 2004/22/EC and EN 14154 (Machine Instrument Directive)


Min. water conductivity:120 µS/cm (25oC)
Temperature range cold water:0,1oC up to 50oC
Pressure class:PN 16
Mechanical environment classM2 enl. MID, fixed installation with minimal vibration
Electromechanical environment classE1 och E2 enl. MID, housing and commercial properties
Protection class:IP68
Operational temperature:-15oC (min. flow 100 l/h to prevent freezing) up to + 60oC
Remote reading radio:- Wireless wM-Bus mode T enl. EN13757-4
- Sensus RF bi-directional protocol
Radio frequency:868 MHz (standard) alt. 433 MHz

Largest allowed margin of error according to Swedac's regulations

Flow rangeQ1- Q2(Qmin- Qt)± 5%
Q2- Q4(Qn- Qmax)± 2%


During sizing the pressure drop in the water meter can be allowed to reach up to 0,5 bar (500 mbar) under probable flow according to Svenskt Vatten's regulations P100.

Accessories and options

- Couplings and consoles
- Transition valve from Q3 2,5 to Q3 4 190mm
- Other lengths on request
- Installation accessories, consoles and parallel couplings see product sheet for AT 7358, 7359, 7360
- Customer specific serial number, bar code, logotype printed on the gauges top part/side.

For remote reading through radio type wM-Bus is used as a standard receiver for example USB-dongle or master unit with the necessary software.

For remote reading through radio type SENSUS RF walk-by/drive-by system a handheld radio receiver AT 7087SIRT (sk. SIRT - Sensus Interface Radio Tool) is used. The receiver has bluetooth communication with handheld/PC with software Sensus Read or Android app. Also available with fixed radio node/gateway AT 7087RF-GW with GPRS or Ethernet connection. See separate product sheet.


The meter body can be installed in any position, regardless of flow direction without affecting its meteorological properties. The meter should not be mounted vertically so the lid falls downwards, this could affect the battery life. Placing it vertically with the lid opening upwards is the prefered option. When started the meter will detect the flow direction and automatically program itself accordingly. The meter is a electromagneticly inductive and demands a water conductivity of at least 125 µS/cm. Surrounding operational temperature should be within +60°C down to -15°C (assuming a minimum flow of 100 l/h to prevent freezing). For more detailed information regarding installation see the instruction manual.

To secure the long term operation, the installation should always be performed with a water meter console (see under accessories). Shut-off valves should always be mounted on the console's in and output.
The back flow protection after the water meter should be a protection module type EA (controllable check valve) AT 1159 with shut-off valve mounted on the input side, alternatively cartridge check valve AT 7059 should be mounted in the meter's output.
Before the water meter is mounted, it's important to clean flush the pipeline.

Maintenance and spare parts

When charging of household consumption using the meter's registreted counter it should be done according to Swedacs regulations STAFS 2007:2, which means that recurring control of (meter revision) with an interval of at max 10 year for Q3 4 and max 5 years for Q3 10-16. Control and revision is performed by the meter workshop that is the accredited control body.

The meter has no movable parts. The life span of the lithium battery is calculated to be roughly 15 + 1 year under normal operational conditions. The battery is not replacable.


The meter is marked iPERL and provided with a barcode of serial numbers. It's also marked with Q3, R-values, manufacturing year, CE, MID-approval number and pass code to wM-Bus (wireless M-Bus).


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