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Cold water meter AT 7420A, 7430A

Water meter with a piston measuring chamber design for cold water with a accuracy of R160. For horizontal and vertical mounting. Is available in submersible performance for pulse/data (M-bus)/radio sensor, type AT 7275HRI.

Dimension rangeG 3/4 - G 2
Temperature rangeMax +50ºC


Article number Description Amount
AT 7430A15-2,5 DN 15, Q3= 2,5, Length 110 mm, Composite
AT 7430A20-4 RSK 5182009 DN 20, Q3= 4, Length 190 mm, Composite
AT 7420A15-2,5 RSK 5182005 DN 15, Q3= 2,5, Length 110 mm,
AT 7420A20-4 RSK 5182006 DN 20, Q3= 4, Length 190 mm
AT 7420A25-10 RSK 5182007 DN 25, Q3= 10, Length 260 mm
AT 7420A40-16 RSK 5182008 DN 40, Q3= 16, Length 300 mm
AT 7275HRI-A4-D1 RSK 5182044 Accessories,Pulse sensor 1 l/pulse
AT 7275HRI-A4-D10 RSK 5182045 Accessories, Pulse sensor10 l/pulse
AT 7275HRI-B4-D1 RSK 5182047 Accessories,M-Bus sensors

Product information

Main facts

Dimension rangePNTemperature rangeMaterial

G 3/4 - G 2

16+2 °C to +50 ºCBrass
G 3/4 - G 116+2 °C to +50 ºCComposite

Range of application

Measurent of cold water through a display showing total consumed amount. Water meter with a piston measuring chamber design for cold water with a accuracy MID R160 (Ratio) alternatively class C, which entails an extremely high accuracy even with low flows. Prepared for remote reading through separate HRI-sensor with puls, radio or data output (M-Bus or Mini-Bus). The meter is available in submersed performance with the counter in copper-glass enclosure.
The meter should not be used in cooling systems with additives of glycol or something similar, nor in industry applications or similar systems where there is a risk for powerful pressure loss, as an example where solenoid valves are mounted.

Program text

UGE.35 Water meter for flow, pipe mounted with digital display, accumulated worth.
Meter with a piston measuring chamber design for cold water AT 7420A-....., Q3 .... m³/h, DN ...., PN 16, in brass. Prepared for mounting of pulse, radio, data sensor type HRI.

Meter with a piston measuring chamber design for cold water AT 7430A-....., Q3 .... m³/h, DN ....., PN 16, in composite. Prepared for mounting of pulse, radio, data sensor type HRI.

Quality assurance

AT 7420A/7430A: MID-certificate including CE-marking.

Material specification

Body and insert ringAT 7420A: brass GK-Ms 60
AT 7430A: composite Grivory GV-5 FWA
2Measure probePolystyrol with graphite
4AxleStainless steel

Dimensions and weight

fd Qn 1,5
AT 7420
fd Qn 1,5
AT 7430
fd Qn 2,5
AT 7420
fd Qn 2,5
AT 7430

Q310 fd Qn 6

Q316 fd Qn10 AT7420
Connection after couplingDN15DN15DN20DN20


C(largest width)8010294114135150
Connection, meterG 3/4"G 3/4"G 1"G 1"G 11/4"G 2"
Dimensions in mm, weight in kg

Function and design

Water meter with a piston measuring chamber design for cold water with a accuracy of R160 or class C. This means that the meter measures extremely thoroughly even at low flows. Piston measuring chamber design allows mounting of the meter in any position with the exception of the meter body facing downwards. Piston measuring chamber design doesn't have any after rotation. The meter has a self cleaning function and never goes against plus during its expiration time. This function makes it so the meter can handle water qualities that would give large plus values for a multi-jet residential meter.

The piston measuring chamber meter is provided with indication display for connection of remote reading modules type HRI, with pulse, radio and data output (M-Bus or Mini-Bus). See separate product sheet AT 7275HRI.

HRI is an inductive AMR-system (Automatic Reading System) for remote reading and transfer of readings from the water meter to the measurement collection system. The HRI-sensor's rotational frequency is read inductively through a metal fitted dial indicator. Remote reading of the type HRI is not affected by any external magnet and therefore has high operational integrity.
HRI-sensor can be mounted directly or at a later point, the meter's glass is prepared with attachment points with the help of the accompanying screws. The sensor is also provided with a specially fitted protection cap that is mounted together with the sensor.
Submersible meters (copper-glass-performance) also have a separate protection ring that should be mounted.

AT 7430A is made in composite. This means that the meter's manufacturing process is environmentally friendly through, among other things energy consumption and lack of heavy metalls like lead, zinc and copper. The material in the meter is 100% recyclable and has a high resistance against chlorine and other substances that can be found in drinking water. Composite has the same strength as materials like brass but a significantly lower elasticity, which makes it so the meter body absorbs pressure stroke better without taking damage. The material's low weight also makes it easier to store, handle and transport.

Technical information AT 7240/7430A

Meteorological propertiesAT 7420A15-2,5AT 7420A20-4
AT 7430A15-2,5AT 7430A20-4
Q3Permanent flow, m3/h (meter size)2,54
RRatio (Q3/Q1) (Standard is R160)40/80/160/315/40040/80/160/315/400
Start flow, l/h. The value is for R400.<1<2
Q1Minimum flow, l/h (tolerance +- 5%). The value is for R160.15,625
Q2Boundary flow, l/h (tolerance +-2%). The value is for R160.2540
Q4Overload flow, m3/h3,15,0
The values in the table above are within the meteorological properties that are described in Swedac's regulations for MID 2004/22/EC and EN 14154 (The machine instrument directive)

Technical information AT 7420A

Meteorological properties7420A25-107420A40-16
Q3Permanent flow, m3/h (meter size)1016
RRatio (Q3/Q1) (Standard is R160)40/80/160/315/40040/80/160/315/400
Q1Minimum flow, l/h (tolerance +- 5%)2050,8
Q2Boundary flow, l/h (tolerance +-2%)3281,27
Q4Overload flow, m3/h7,87520
The values in the table above describes the meteorological properties in Swedac's regulations for MID 2004/22/EC and EN 14154 (Machine Instrument Directive). The gauges characteristic is well within these values.

Largest allowed margin of error according to Swedac's regulations

Flow rangeQ1- Q2(Qmin- Qt)± 5%
Q2- Q4(Qn- Qmax)± 2%


During sizing the pressure drop in the water meter can be allowed to go up to 0,5 bar (500 mbar) during probable flow according to Svenskt Vatten's regulations P100.

Accessories and options

- Meter body in composite material - AT 7430A.
- Meter with different R-value (40/80/315/400).
- Meter in submersible performance IP86, so called coppar-glass-performance.
- Installation accessories, consoles and parallel couplings, se separate product sheet for AT 7358, 7539, 75360.
- Customer specific number series, bar-code, logotype printed on the lid and more.

Remote reading module type HRI
The meter is provided with an indicator pulley that registers meter readings, flow direction and more in an remote reading module type HRI, that can be mounted on the meter glass. The HRI-module can also be ordered in performance for pulses (A-version) with 1/10/100/1000/2,5/25 or 250 liter per pulse. Or with a data output type M-Bus/MiniBus (B-version) in combination with programable pulse, (all though not connected at the same time) according to the pulse numbers above.

- For more technical information see more in separate product sheet AT 7275HRI.


The meter can be installed in any position, with the exception of with the meter body facing downwards. To secure the long term operation, the installation should always be performed with a water meter console (see under accessories). Shut-off valves should always be mounted on the console's in and output.
The back flow protection after the water meter should be a protection module type EA (controllable check valve) AT 1159 with shut-off valve mounted on the input side, alternatively cartridge check valve AT 7059 should be mounted in the meter's output.
Before the water meter is mounted, it's important to clean flush the pipeline. Mount the meter with the flow direction arrow in the correct flow direction.
For installation of remote reading module, see product sheet 7275HRI.

Maintenance and spare parts

During debitation of household consumption after the meter's registration should SWEDAC's regulations STAFS 2007:2 be followed, which means that recurring control (meter revision) with an interval of at most 10 years for Q3 3 and 5 years for Qn 6 - 10. Control and revision is performed by the meter workshop that is the accredited control body. During the revision the worn out pieces are replaced. Spare parts for this are available in separate spare parts section.


The meter board is marked SENSUS 620 (AT 7420) or 620C (AT 7430) and provided with a bar code of serial numbers. MID-marked meter is marked with Q3, R-value, manufacturing year, CE and serial number. EEG-marked with Qn, class, manufacturing year and serial number.

How to order

Dimension DNMeter sizeArticle numberRSK-number
15Q32,5AT 7420A15-2,5518 20 05
15Q32,5AT 7430A15-2,5 (composite)
20Q34AT 7420A20-4518 20 06
20Q34AT 7430A20-4 (composite)518 20 09
25Q310AT 7420A25-10518 20 07
40Q316AT 7420A40-16518 20 08
For submersible performance IP68 with a copper/glass ring, add KG after the article number above, as an example AT 7430A20-4KG


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