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AT 7085A+module

Apartment meter AT 7080A, 7085A

Product information

Main facts

Dimension rangePNTemperature rangeMaterial

G 3/4-G 1

10+1 °C to 50 ºC respective. +1 °C to 90º CBrass alt. composite

Range of application

For measuring cold and warm water in apartments, single-family houses or smaller units of measurements with registration of used amount.

Quality assurance

AT 7080A/7085A: MID-certificare, including CE-marking

Material specification

PosComponentAT 7080AAT 7085A
1BodyBrass GK-MS 60Composite Grivory GV-5 FWA
3Vane wheelPlasticPlastic
4Bearing pinSaphirSaphir

Dimension and weight

AT 7080A15AT 7080A20
Nominal flow Q3, m3/h, Meter size2,52,5 (alt. 4)
Connection after connectionDN 15DN 20
A (overall length)110 (alt. 80)130
B (height)7676
Height inlcuding remote module8686
C (Width tot)7070
D (connection)G 3/4G 1
Connection meterG 1/2G 3/4
Weight0,45 (0,41 at alt. 80)0,48
Q3nominal flow according to KVMD (EEG).
Dimension in mm, weight in kg

Function and design

The water meter is a single-jet, dry dial water meter. The vane wheel is the only moving part in the water, and downshift occurs completely torrentially with magnetic coupling.

Scroll figures with 5 integers and 3 decimal places. The digit pulleys with decimals are red and with a minimum reading in liters.

The counter can rotate 355° to obtain a comfortable reading of the meter's roller digit. The meter's display board is protected against external magnetic impact according to EN 14154, throughout the measurement range.

The meter is prepared for connection of the remote reading module as shown below:

  • M-bus module(Residia-M), for systems conforming to EN 13757-3 (IEC 870/EN 1434-3). The telegram displays the meter index and manufacturing number. The resolution of the meter index is 1 liter. Reading can be done via primary- or secondary address.
  • Puls module(Residia-P), for digital pulses to, for example, counters. The pulse output takes into account the flow direction of the gauge (possibly reversed flows). Reversed flows must be compensated with identical advances before any more pulse signals are given. This means that no pulse signals are given during this time, even if the gauge recalculates. The module can be delivered with pulse weight 1, 10, 100 or 1000 liters per pulse. Note that it is not possible to change the weight.

The composite meter, AT 7085, is, for example, used for "aggressive" water. Composite completely complies with the drinking water rules. The material results in lower energy consumption in manufacturing and gives 40% lower weight than the corresponding metal gauge.

Technical data

Flow , Q3m³/h2,54
Short-term overload, Q4m³/h3,135
Limit flow, Q2l/h
- horizontal installation, counter upwards50
- vertical installation, counter aside80
Minimum flow, Q1l/h
- horizontal installation, counter upwards3050
- vertical installation, counter aside60100
Max. working pressure, bar1010
Test pressure, bar1616
Pressure drop at flow Q3, kPa63xx
Max water temperature, ºC
- Cold water execution3030
- Warm water execution9090
Counter area, m31000001000000
Min. reading (only for unmounted remote reading module)0,10,1
Maximum allowed error display:
- Flow range Q1-Q2±5%±5%
- Flow range Q2-Q4cold water execution. ±2%,
warm water execution. ±3%
*) Q3permanent flow according to MID.


The meter size is adapted to the normal consumption of an apartment or a single-family house. For other dimensioning cases, value for maximum permissible continuous load.

Accessories and options

AccessoriesOrdering number
Water meter ConnectionG3/4, G1AT 7056A15 / AT 7056-20 x 2 st.
Water meter console,Stainless steel 110 mm, DN15, with clutches and gaskets
- Single console without a valveAT 7358-110
- Single onsole with a valveAT 7358-110V
- Double bracket without a valveAT 7358-110-2
- Double bracket with a valve (inlet)AT 7358-110-2V
Spacer, stainless steel (gasket required)
- 110 mm. G 3/4AT 7055R15-110
Fiber gasketAT 7068-15 / AT 7068-20
Remote reading module, see seperate product sheet; AT 7275RES
-M-bus moduleAT 7275RES-M
-Pulse module1, 10 or 100 liters/pulseAT 7275RES-PD1, AT 7275RES-PD10,
AT 7275RES-PD100
- wM-bus moduleAT 7275RES-VM
- Armatec Radio moduleAT 7275ARES-R

Accessories and options

VariantsOrdering number
Cold water (KV)
Warm water (VV)
Meter with another overall length or connection
- Meter made of brass DN15/Q32,5/overall length 80mmAT 7080A15KV-80, -15VV-80
- Meter made of brass DN20/Q32,5/overall length 130mmAT 7080A20KV, -20VV
- Meter made of brass DN20/Q34/overall length 130mmAT 7080A20-2,5KV, -20-2,5VV
Meter with pre-mounted and parametric remote reading module
- Meter made of Composite DN15/Q32,5/overall length 110mm, including M-bus moduleAT 7085A15KVM, -15VVM


The meter can be mounted both horizontally and vertically or with the numercial table facing the side. During a vertical mounting or mounting with the numercial table facing the side, a lower R-value (R40) and a higher Q2-value are obtained.

To ensure long-term operating of the water meter, always install a meter console (seeAccessories and options).

Shut-off valves should always be mounted to the console's inlets and outlets. The backflow protection after the water meter, should be a protection module type EA (controllable check valve) AT 1159 with a shut-off valve mounted on the inlet side. Before installing the water meter, it is important to clean the pipeline. Mount the meter with its flow arrows in the correct flow direction.

For installation of remote reading module, see product sheet 7275RES.

When installing remote reading modules, the sealed cover is removed and replaced with a remote reading module. Protective film on the module must be removed before the assembly. The supplied sealing tape is attached over the joint between the meter housing and the remote reading module to detect engagement or manipulation.

Remote reading modules: see seperate product sheet AT 7275RES

Maintenance and spare parts

Spare parts to the meter are not provided, however remote reading modules are replaceable after the battery has run out.


The meters are marked with SENSUS Residia, manufacturing number with an EAN-code, size Q3, as well as a max. temperature of 30ºC resp. 90ºC.

The colour of the indicate-riser, indicates the temperature; Blue = Cold and Red = Hot.

How to order

Ordering numberRSK-number
Standard output meter, prepared for remote readingCold water (KV)
Warm water (VV)
- Brass, DN15/Q32,5/110mm
AT 7080A15KV
AT 7080A15VV
518 40 52
518 40 59
- Composite, DN15/Q32,5/110mm
AT 7085A15KV
AT 7085A15VV
518 40 66
518 40 68

Meter with another overall length or connection

- Meter made of brass DN15/Q32,5/overall length 80mm
AT 7080A15KV-80
AT 7080A15VV-80
518 40 53
518 40 60
- Meter made of brass DN20/Q32,5/overall length 110mm
AT 7080A20KV
AT 7080A20VV
518 40 57
518 40 64

Meter with pre-mounted and parametric remote reading module

- Meter made of composite DN15/Q32,5/overall length 110mm, including M-bus module Res MAT 7085A15KVM
AT 7085A15VVM
518 40 67
518 40 69