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Temperature sensor AT 7779

Product information

Main facts

Dimension rangePNTemperature rangeMaterial

G 1/2

36-50 to +400 ºCStainless steel

Range of application

For measuring the media-temperature in pipe systems.


UBB.32 Sensor for temperature
PT100 signal or continuous output 4-20mA.

Quality assurance

Class A EN 60751. Transmitter comply with the directive, EMC 2004/107/EG.

Material specification

1ThermowellStainless acid-proof steel 1.4571
2NecktubeStainless acid-proof steel 1.4571
3Terminal boxAluminum (standard)


A*100 (standard)
B*ca 60
EG 1/2"
Measurement in mm, *Specified when ordering.

Function and design

The temperature sensors detect the media temperature with a PT 100 element. Temperature changes result in different resistance values. Alternatively, the unit may be equipped with a temperature transmitter for output 4-20mA.

Technical information

PT100 sensor
Measurng range-50 ºC to +400 ºC
Accuracy, PT100 sensorClass A EN 60751
Protection classIP54 DIN 43762
Power SupplyCable entry

Technical information transmitter (option)

Transmitter (option)
Supply voltage24VDC
Output signal*4-20mA, invertable
Accuracy (RTD)≤ ±0,3 ºC
*Wanted inverted signal or other response time, specify this when ordering.

Accessories and options

As an option, the temperature sensor can be ordered with output 4-20mA. Measurement area is stated when ordering. Desired software for transmitter programming "Loop Link 5905" can be ordered separately.
Other connection, ATEX rated or two or four wire on request.


See the related connection diagram.

How to order

AT 7779-160T-160T
Fig. noInsertion lengthTransmitter