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AT 1159

Backflow preventer AT 1159

Controllable check valve type EA for fluid category 1-2 according to SS-EN 1717.

Dimension rangeG 3/8 - G 2
Temperature range0ºC to 95ºC

Product information

Main facts

Dimension rangePNTemperature rangeMaterial

G 3/8 - G 2

100 ºC to 95 ºCBrass
DN 8 - DN 50100 ºC to 95 ºCBrass

Range of Application

To protect drinking water systems internally and externally from siphon backflow and pressure overload backflow. Prevention coverage for fluid categories 1-2. Back flow preventer is of the type EA in accordance with SS-EN 1717.

Program text

PSG.262 Backflow Protection with check valve
Check valve, controllable, by DZR brass
AT 1159 -xx internal thread
AT 1159 xxK compression fitting
AT 1159 -XXL soldered connection
AT 1159 XXP press connection
AT 1159 xxM complete protection module incl. ball valve with internal thread

Material Specification

1HousingDZR Brass
2Seal ringNBR/SBR
3Globe with guidePOM polymer
4SpringStainless steel EN 1.4301

Dimension and Weight

AT 1159 with internal thread
ConnectionG 3/8G 1/2G 3/4G 1G 1 1/4G 1 1/2G 2

Function and Design

The valve has a spring loaded globe, which means that it can be installed in any mounting position, and is closing before the flow turns back.

For the check valve 1159 to meet the demands from SS-EN 1717 as protection module type EA, a shut-off valve must always be mounted shortly before the check valve.

To meet the requirement of SS-EN1717 protection module type EA a shut off valve must always be installed just before the check valve and is necessary in order to control the protection function.The check valve is of type EA and provides protection up to and including category 2. The valve has upstream an outlet, which is equipped with a plug. The outlet is used to control the valve function and tightness.

Accessories and Option

In need of larger dimension, select controllable check valve AT 1161 which is for DN 50-200 in flanged design. In order for this check valve to meet the requirement of SS-EN1717 protective module type EA, a shut off valve must always be installed just before the check valve.


Manufacturer, DN, material and flow direction arrow.

How to order

Example: AT 1159-22K
AT 1159-22K
Fig. no.DNConnection/performance
10-50Internal thread (standard)
8-28K=compression coupling
15-54L=soldering union
15-54P=press coupling
10-50M=Protection module incl. ball valve (only internal thread)