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Change-Over Air Release & Vacuum Valve

Double orifice air valve that combines both large orifice & small orifice functions within one unit. The large orifice allows air to be expelled from the system during filling of a pipeline and admit air back into the system whenever subatmospheric pressure occurs. Air is vented from the system until water enters the valve and lifts the float against its seat, ensuring a tight seal. In the event of sub-atmospheric pressure in the system, the water level drops causing the float to fall from its seat and allow the admission of air.

Dimensjon25mm (1”) - 200mm (8”) sizes
Trykk0.2 bar up to 16 bar.
Temperatur0°C to +70°C

Product information

Accessories / Options:

• Various materials available for sea water or corrosive applications.
• Various flange drillings.
• Screwed or flanged outlet facility.
• Viton rubber seat.
• Metal float options.
• Surge arrestor, inflow / outflow check device, vented non-return device, adjustable throttle device.
• Bib tap / test point.
• Isolating valve.
• 25 bar version.
• 40 bar version (on 25mm only)


Seat 1.1 x PN Body 1.5 x PN





Body DuctileIron ENGJS-500-7
Cover DuctileIron ENGJS-500-7
Shield plate Ductile (Spun steel on 150 & 200mm)Iron ENGJS-500-7
Large orifice seatEPDM rubber
Large orifice floatABS plastic
Small orifice floatABS plastic
Orifice plugGlass filled nylon 6
Orifice nutGlass filled nylon 6
Hinge pin316 Stainless steel
Stop screw316 Stainless steel
Small orifice sealEPDM rubber
Chamber O-ringEPDM rubber
Gasket, orifice plugEPDM rubber
Shield studs & nuts304 Stainless steel
Cover bolts & nuts304 Stainless steel
Chamber setscrews304 Stainless steel
Chamber Ductile IronENGJS-500-7

Model figure numbers:

• Fig.8340 - Standard valve with flanged inlet (screwed 1”BSP on 1” size valve).
• Fig.8341 - 1” with inlet flange.
• Fig.8342 - 1” with Isolating ball valve.
• Fig.8343 - 1” with isolating ball valve & inlet flange.
• Fig.8350 - PN25 rated valve with flanged inlet.
• Suffix ‘P’ for screwed outlet.
* Round on 150mm & 200mm size air valves.


Iselin Straume Engjaberg

Sales engineer

+47 94 37 07 96

Werner Hannestad

Business Manager - Pressure Safety Equipment

+47 90 03 28 92