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Forward acting metal rupture discs

This is a tension loaded rupture disk. The FA series cover the majority of applications within various industries.

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Rupture disc Type FAX

The FAX rupture disks (bursting discs) are solid metal cross-scored disk design. Designed to be used…


Rupture disc Type FAC

High performance Forward-Acting Rupture Disk design. Mounts into the FAH Pre-Torque Holder.


Rupture disc Type SFAZ

Solid Metal cross-scored Disc designed for Non-Fragmenting. Excellent for Liquid, Gas or 2 Phased flow…


Rupture disc Type D

Features a state-of-the-art laser slotted metal top section. Mounts into a 7A - Angle Seat Holder.


Rupture disc Type FD/FDZ

FD Series offers a wide variety of flange mounted rupture disk solutions. No holder required.


Rupture disc Type FMD

50 - 900 mm (2"-36")


Rupture disc Type PB

Forward-acting, tension-loaded rupture disk design without score lines. Mounts into a 7A - Angle Seat…


Rupture disc Type ARD

ARD Disks provide simple, inexpensive protection against any condition. No holder required.