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Aim for an uplifting environment

Armatec is a Nordic company in constant development that is part of Ernströmgruppen. It opens the door for those who want to grow in their current role and take on new roles to come.

At Armatec we work daily to find the best technical solution for our customers through commitment, job satisfaction and knowledge. But of course there are other roles than proposing technical solutions. We sit in different offices, down from Malmö in the south to Umeå in the north. The majority of employees are located at our headquarters in Gothenburg, where we work with everything from purchasing and logistics to product development and sales.

Although we have extremely varied tasks, there are some common denominators. We always put the customer and sales focus. We believe in open and honest communication - that is how we achieve a strong team spirit. Then there's that thing with our weakness for technology that runs like a thread through the company. Are you one of us?