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SGP Armatec proudly supports child aid organization

SGP Armatec in Norway are proud to support the offer "Blue Cross Holidays" in collaboration with their sister company, Armaturjonsson AS, for the next two years.

It' s not given that all children and young people have the opportunity to go on holiday, this is what the Blue Cross has its focus on. They have launched a free, non-alcoholic vacation offer for families who have drug addiction, mental health issues or poverty issues.

-The motivation is to give all children and young people the opportunity to create good holiday memories, regardless of their life situation.

The money to support Blue Cross and Blue Cross Holidays has been received through the company owner Ernström Group and Ernström Group Ulla and Gerhard Hobohms Foundation in Sweden. A foundation where the activities are mainly focused on providing financial support to aid organizations as well as promoting scientific research.