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High-quality components for water treatment

Probably the country's most spectacular swimming pool construction will have eight pools spread over several floors. The water expert company Aqua-Teknik source new technology behind the bathing experience…

Our knowledge is being put to the test out in the North Sea

In spring 2021, we published an article about how Armatec contributed its expertise in flow technology to the Dogger Bank Wind Farm. Now, the first propellers are spinning at full throttle in the fierce…

Ernströmgruppen’s Flow Technology acquires Eveco

Flow Technology has acquired 80% of the shares in Eveco Handel AB, a supplier of smart products and systems for cooling, heating, and air comfort for commercial premises. The company has a turnover of…

Biogas upgrading plant delivered to Canada

Armatec Denmark has delivered valves and actuators to an interesting project in Canada. A plug and play solution with Danish-developed technology that converts biogas into energy.

The Armatec story: Twenty years of flow technology

Armatec Nordic was born twenty years ago, in 2003. It was a time with no smartphones, no social media, no electric cars, and no wireless networks everywhere. Most people used a printed map to find the…

Klas Blom new CEO Armatec AB

On August 1, Klas Blom took over as CEO of Armatec AB. Klas has a long-standing past within the Armatec Group and will lead Armatec AB through an exciting journey of change.

Don't let contaminated water tarnish your reputation

Many industries are a ticking time bomb without knowing it. It's not about something blowing up like in the movies, but about the risk that contaminated water and other harmful fluids from the operation…

New method of full impregnation makes pine stronger than mahogany

Wood as good as steel: New method of full impregnation makes pine stronger than mahogany. A mix of vacuum, pressure, heat, and frequencies during the process makes wood more durable, dimensionally stable…

Ernströmgruppen ensures Nordic vaccine preparedness

Ernströmgruppen is growing in the life science market and acquires Clean Utility Technology. The pandemic has shown the need for, among other things, vaccine production in the vicinity of consumers. New…

Armatec acquires NordiCold AB

The Armatec Group, which is part of Ernströmgruppen, has acquired 100 % of the shares in NordiCold.

Oy Armatec Finland Ab announces asset acquisition agreement with Termovent Finland Oy Ab

Oy Armatec Finland Ab has acquired the business of Termovent Finland Oy Ab, a sales company in the HVAC sector. The asset acquisition will be effective from 1 September, 2021.

What will be the new normal?

In a few days, we were transformed from creatures with a decent grasp of what a pandemic means to full-fledged state epidemiologists. Now we are heading towards a 2021 that might have been 2025 given…

Armatec A/S takes over the activities at AVK Flow Control A/S

From October 1, 2020, Armatec A/S in Denmark aquires all coming activities at AVK Flow Control A/S in Vejle.

Armatec Sweden goes digital

Due to the current situation, many events has been postponed or cancelled. The same goes with ProcessTeknik in Sweden, the largest meeting place within the Nordic region for the process industry.

New office in Norway

Armatec AS are expanding, on October 12, Armatec AS moves to new, modern and larger premises at Mastemyr.

An effort to get more people into work

Within the Ernström Group, which includes Armatec Sweden, there is the Ulla and Gerhard Hobohm Foundation. Every year, the foundation provides grants for projects that are important to society, and for…

We welcome Roy Nygren, our new CFO at Armatec.

Armatec has recruited Roy Nygren as the new CFO for the Armatec Group and Armatec AB. Roy starts the position on August 17.

Summer is here

We would like to wish all of our customers and partners a wonderful and safe summer. We're available for you all summer, please choose your home market in the top right corner to find the right contact…

SGP launches online portal

SGP Norway is now launching its online order portal. Customers are given the opportunity to order online, review prices and stock status. Around the clock - when it suits them best.

Discover Armatec Iziflex™

Armatec Sweden proudly presents Iziflex™. A prefabricated and customized unit containg technical installations that supplies facilities and industries with heating, cooling or steam.

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