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Wireless reading

Some meters are hard to read, for instance if they are installed in wells or other kinds of concealed mounting. We offer systems that transfer metering values wirelessly to a computer for easy reading.

RF Drive-By is a radio system for mobile wireless reading of terraced areas or industrial areas with relatively large geographical spread. Other uses of RF Drive-By are installations with limited access such as a crawl space or in a water-filled well and for identifying leaks in the network.

The measuring data collection can be obtained via either single or bidirectional communication. With one-way communication you get access to key metrics quickly and easily, with bi-directional communication extended measurement data can be received with the ability to download data logger values and remote configuration of alarms and possibility to reset alarms. Measured values are transmitted to the handset SIRT either via Bluetooth to a user-friendly mobile application on your Android ™ plate or via the USB cable to the PC software Sensus Read.