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Alarm at water leakage

Leaking water pipes cause damages that cost billions each year. We offer water meters that keep track of every single drop and quickly indicate abnormal consumption.

No property owner wants to come home to water leakage that has done damage to the house. But the statistics concerning water damage are gloomy and report damages at the cost of several billions each year. In a lot of municipalities the maintenance of the water pipes is neglected. In order to fix the leak you first have to find it. That is easier said than done.

A lot of the problems can be alleviated through modern water metering, that measures every drop in the system and hence indicates leakage at an early stage. Our meter AT 7450 of magnetic inductive type will provide you with that kind of information and communicate it wireless, via fixed radio network or via mobile radio system in passing vehicles for further treatment.

So there is no reason to let valuable water drops go to waste or cause damage. Armatec gives you the opportunity to detect and fix leakage in time.