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Water & Energy metering

Good metering values are dependent on good meters. But modern metering technology is also about collecting, processing and presenting metering data. We make sure to provide you with even more information, in an even better way.



Wireless reading

Some meters are hard to read, for instance if they are installed in wells or other kinds of concealed mounting. We offer systems that transfer metering values wirelessly to a computer for easy reading.

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All-around metering

Metering energy values for heating and cooling is possible with one meter by storing the values/data in different registers. An effective solution in district heating units for borehole stock with seasonal energy storage.

Correct installation from the get-go

We provide you with clear instructions to mount water and energy meters, providing you with correct metering values and the possibility to improve the energy efficiency in your systems.

Alarm at water leakage

Leaking water pipes cause damages that cost billions each year. We offer water meters that keep track of every single drop and quickly indicate abnormal consumption.

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