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Valves & Automation

A good facility should be able to be controlled reliably, day in and day out. We provide you with a modern installation that is sustainable with regard to media type, pressure, temperature, standards and legal requirements.


Utilize steam in an optimal way

Steam is valuable. Our steam traps make sure that you extract as much energy as possible before it condenses.

Be clever about draining condensate

Heat losses in pipelines enable steam to condensate constantly. The right lead case and choice of drainage points ensures that the condensate is discharged properly.

Keep the pressure at bay

It would be a disaster if the pressure intensified in a facility containing hazardous fluid. We make sure that you get the safety valves that you need in order to protect your facility.

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Automation is the heart in every process

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, but the parts should not be belittled. We know the parameters that need to be taken into account to avoid unexpected downtime in your process.

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