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Manage high pressure

Sometimes you need a compressor that handles extra high pressure levels, for example in the process industry. We ensure that you get a compressor that both performs and is safe.

Let us start with an example: The manufacturing of PVC (polyvinyl chloride). PVC was invented in the beginning of the 1900s and is a part of construction products such as plastic pipes, electrical cables and carpeting. Part of the production of PVC is to let VCM (vinyl chloride monomers) react with water in a well controlled process. That requires a liquid ring vacuum compressor, for example our AT 6300-KPH 65212 which manages pressure up to 6,5 bar and is ATEX classified.

A pump that works according to liquid ring principle has an eccentrically placed vane wheel impeller. When the wheel rotates in the pump housing, a liquid ring is created along the inner wall of the housing. During the first lap the partial volumes will first increase (intake) to later decrease (outlet). The intensive contact between transported gas and the operating liquid causes the gas temperature to increase marginally, almost as in an isothermal compression.

It is always a challenge to develop a compressor that meets the high standards regarding performance and safety, but that is a task that is part of the everyday life at Armatec. You get access to both the knowledge and the products required.

Manage high pressures

When the needs of performance and safety in the process industry are high, our compressor will do the job.