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Handle tough environments

We have pumps that are suitable for demanding industrial processes. You can expect excellent function and high operational safety.

There are a number of strenuous environments for pumps. One example is steel plants where heavy plate is manufactured. There is a need for systems to pump off scale on heated slab before rolling in order for the surface to be satisfactory, and a system to pump the cooling water to the curing process.

Armatec offers a smart technical solution for this type of challenge. The scale can be pumped by two pumps. One that is always in use and one that is inserted if necessary. Out in the rolling, where the temperature is around 1250 degrees Celsius, our high pressure pump, AT6130, is well suited to create quick cooling and even aftercooling. It is important in order for the steel plate to get the right inner qualities.

Are you facing a situation where you have to find pumps that can withstand a little extra? In that case Armatec has a lot to contribute. We are used to managing heavy industrial processes and have the sense that is required to find pumps that respond to specific needs.