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Pump technology

There are several factors that come into play when it comes to choosing a pump. We make a difference by thinking it through all the way. From media and performance requirements to service and durability.


Handle tough environments

We have pumps that are suitable for demanding industrial processes. You can expect excellent function and high operational safety.

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Minimize the risk of explosion

If you pump an explosive gas or fluid we will make sure that no ignition can occur at operation. We provide all of our pumps with explosion protection.

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Use the pumps optimally

You wouldn’t drive your car at full speed at all times, why do it with the pumps in your system? Speed controlled pumps adapt the pressure after the current power demand. That saves energy.

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Manage high pressures

When the needs of performance and safety in the process industry are high, our compressor will do the job.

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Ensure sterile processing

There is a difference between clean and clean. Should you, for example, clean a dental instrument or packaged food, the demands for hygiene are stringent. We provide you with the right pump for your sterile processing.

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