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Pressure maintenance & Expansion

A good system for pressure maintenance distributes the heat and cold optimally. It may sound obvious but it’s an art to manage. We know the art of pressure maintenance from theory to practice.


The easy way to the right pressure

Maintaining the pressure within reliable limits is crucial for closed systems. With correct pressure everywhere, your cooling, heating or solar system can perform according to specification. However, calculating the expansion volume can be tricky depending on the type of media, temperature and system design.

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Extend the lifetime

Pre-pressured expansion vessels with bellows instead of membrane tend to rust less. This is because the fluid is not in contact with the vessel’s steel casing. We will provide you with a vessel that lives a long life.

Reinforce the operational safety

Do you want to secure that your remote- or central heating unit always obtains heat? Opt for a double pump from us. We customize it to your needs and can educate you in the correct handling.

Create a stable operational pressure

An even pressure creates softness in the system. It saves energy and reduces the need for maintenance. The way to get there is often by combining a compressor and an expansion vessel.

Quick start your pressure maintenance

Imagine a unit for pressure maintenance that you can easily connect and get started. Sounds too good to be true? The lack of questions from our costumers concerning starting up is evidence of its success.

Avoid having to inspect the expansion vessel

Do you want to avoid the demand for inspection at installation and during the vessels life cycle? We will take care of that with a vessel that is qualified as open but doesn’t oxygenate.

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