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Optimize your process

Well functioning metering is the foundation for good controlling. We work with both analogue and digital metering methods and give your controllers the best of conditions to be able to perform their task.

It is important to keep track of your process. Generally speaking, you could say that what you gain in safety is also what you gain economically. By maintaining control you can regulate and optimize your process in the best way possible.

You also get feedback and can schedule downtime for replacement of products before an accident or an unexpected, expensive stop occurs. Depending on the application and what you want, different types of instruments can be used. Armatec offers instruments of different types for flow, pressure, temperature and level. In all categories, we have instruments that are read visually on site, instruments to monitor function or instruments with continuous output 4-20mA.

Depending on the area of use, a number of different types of measurement principles are implemented and thus a variety of instruments are used. An instrument can measure very accurately but still won’t be correct if it is installed wrong. When selecting the instruments, it is therefore important to know as much as possible about the process and the place where they will be installed.

When selecting an instrument, you should know, for example, type of application, location for installation, media, pressure, temperature, if reading is a requirement and so on.

Instrument with visual indication

Instant display, for example pressure gauges (AT 4259), rotameter (AT 7730), level gauges, (AT 4950). There are also instruments that have visual indication in combination with monitoring function and/or continuous signal to contact gauge AT 8306C or pressure sensor AT 7762.

Instrument with monitoring function

These have a break contact and a signal that is on or off (NO / NC). Monitors alert (beep) when a certain level is reached. Different types of instruments may have one or more alarm levels, (AT 8306C and AT 7714).

Continuous signal

If an instrument that gives constant feedback about the current situation, levels and such in the process is desired, an instrument with continuous signal should be used. Magnetic inductive flow sensor AT 7185, temperature sensor AT 7779, level sensor AT 7720, and pressure sensor AT 7762.