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Our project model

Delivering complete and customized systems within flow technology demands a structured approach. We follow an established project model that lets us take care of all the details without losing the big picture. Here is a brief description of each step.


Based on your needs, we decide if your request should be run as a system project or offered as individual components. For a system project, we gather information, create flowcharts describing the functionality, classify the unit according to the applying standard and develop a project plan. Our offer to you includes the total price, terms of sale and delivery, flow charts and parts list.


When you have placed your order, we start preparing for production. The first step is to produce a 3D model showing system dimensions and placement at your facility. Your input in the design phase is always welcome, and we are not through until you give your approval. The final 3D model goes right into the manufacturing process.


Now it is time to build your system. We collect the ingoing components in our warehouse, check them, label them and send them off to production. With the 3D model as the basis, your system is assembled in a modern production facility. The system is inspected and tested before leaving us to ensure we meet specified quality and performance levels.


With the final inspection made, your system is wrapped and transported to your chosen location which could be anywhere in the world. In the meantime, we send you the documentation including component lists, flow diagrams, dimensional drawings, component data sheets and manuals, certifications and approvals, circuit diagrams and last but not least operations and maintenance instructions. All in the format and language you wish.


When your system is up and running, you can always turn to us with questions and to buy spare parts. As all the systems we build are based on components from our warehouse, we can send the parts to you right away. If a component has expired, we have the theoretical and practical competence to suggest a replacement product giving you the specified functionality.