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Ocean winds offer sustainable power

The waves formed by strong ocean winds could generate 10–20 percent of global electricity needs. However, developing technology to leverage wave energy is a real challenge. On top of the main technology, you also need a number of components that are essential to the overall solution. This is where Armatec comes into the picture.

Harsh environment

The idea behind a wave power plant is to capture wave energy and then convert it into a more usable form, most often electricity. The development of new wave power technology is guarded by secrecy. The focus, quite understandably, is on the technical solution used to harness wave power.

However, all other components must also work faultlessly. The sea makes things rust, seize up and deteriorate. Maintaining and repairing components at sea is both complicated and expensive. This is why it is important to engage a supplier who can find the right products of the right sizes for such demanding applications.

Industrial experience

Here at Armatec, we are used to providing advice on product choices and sizes for advanced industrial processes. This knowledge is also of practical use when it comes to the development of new technology, such as a wave power plant.

Choosing these other products wisely is no easy task. It takes time for us to understand your technology – and perhaps time for you to see the full potential of our offering. If you are prepared to invest that time, then so are we. This provides a solid foundation for an effectively implemented project and increases the chances of your wave power plant technology proving successful.

From up on high

The technology for creating wave power plants remains in its infancy. Wind turbines with rotor blades out at sea, on the other hand, are an established technology. We also work with these types of projects. They often involve us optimizing existing technical solutions – balancing price and performance with reliability and life expectancy. One important part of the calculation is the cost of getting to and entering a wind turbine to repair or replace a component.

Ocean winds offer enormous potential in terms of energy extraction. We have experience from working with both technical development projects and fine-tuning existing technical systems.

Sustainable flow technology makes a difference in a number of areas. Ocean winds providing sustainable energy is one example. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are curious about how we could help you.

Sustainable flow technology makes a difference within both construction and industry

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