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Install a complete system

We build complete systems tailored to the needs of your plant. The system is easy to install and ready to go right away. You can also test drive the system in advance.

It has become more important to save space in the production. Every square meter that is used takes space from something else and expanding is often difficult and expensive. Armatec makes sure that your system fits the surface you have. We don’t use shoehorns, instead we think a little extra to be able to manage projects where the space is limited.

The good thing about Armatec is more than the sum of our parts, you get a whole. We have knowledge about valves and systems and we have resources within 3D-design and manufacturing. Additionally, we have quick access to products from our own inventory. Each project has a project leader and a project plan. That results in smooth cooperation and a stable base regarding all communication throughout the project.

Each technical system’s quality is examined, documented, inspected and then sent to you for installation. It can even be test run in advance, if you please. Shortly put: With a complete system from Armatec you get full control all the way from initial thought and manufacturing to launch and daily operation.