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Prefabricated industrial systems

Save time and boost performance with a customized and skid-mounted system solving your flow technology challenges. We work close to you guided by our well-proven project model.


Keep down the temperature in your process.


Use excess energy to heat other areas.


Remove particles for safe and pure operations.

Instant access to modern engineering

We have a flat organization with clear responsibilities. You quickly get in touch with the right team member to share and discuss your ideas or to get the latest project status. With a wide range of flow technology products on our shelves, each one connected to a technical expert, our team is always in an excellent position to find answers to tricky questions.

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One way for total control

Our project model makes sure your project runs smoothly from start to finish. We handpick team members with the right skills and appoint two project leaders: One who leads the project and one who is ready to take over at short notice should the need arise. This way, we can keep your project up to speed without compromising on quality and risk mitigation.

Discover our project model

With you all the way

Linking virtual with reality

What you see is what you get. The digital 3D model you approve in the design phase is the one we use for manufacturing and documentation.

Securing supplier performance

We only use components from world-class suppliers regarding quality and safety assurance, sustainability, corporate social responsibility and codes of conduct.

Giving fast access to spare parts

Our systems are mainly based on components we have on our shelves. Just contact us, and we will despatch your spare parts order right away.

Typical applications

We make trains just a little better

In recent years, the train has been enjoying something of a renaissance. We contribute by creating redundant solutions within sustainable flow technology that ensure reliability even in a crisis.

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Ocean winds offer sustainable power

Wave power could meet 10–20 percent of global electricity needs. A technical challenge for sure, but one that we are happy to be involved in solving.

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Cool down the machines

Some industrial processes generate a lot of heat, for example, steel and energy production. We develop water cooling units tailored to the needs of your plant.

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Utilize excess heat

Use the surplus heat from one industrial process to heat another process, your facility or a district net. We develop systems that move heat from one place to another.

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Regulate effectively

Precise flow and pressure distribution make a difference. We develop complete units for optimal regulation of industrial processes.

Remove particles

A filtration system removes solid particles to protect end users, products and components. Particularly significant in the food industry where the demands on purity are high.

Industrial Cooling Water System

Armatec provides cooling for metallurgical slab casters, resulting in improved steel quality and increased plant availability.

Electromagnetic stirrers are used to provide mixing during metallurgical processes. By using strong magnetic field, contact free stirring of the smelt can be created. This in turns provides improved productivity, overall product quality increase, reduced defects and decreased centerline segregation. The customized cooling water skid maintain stable low temperature for electrical equipment creating the alternating magnetic stirring function. Cooling medium voltage equipment requires deionizing functionality in the cooling skid. Armatec has acquired 15+ years of experience in providing cost effective Prefabricated Water Cooling Units, which meets the steel industry’s high demands for availability, workmanship quality and reduced environmental impact. Contact Armatec to learn more about customized water cooling units.

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Armatec design, manufacture and test frame, rack or container mounted Process Water System (PWS).

Process water system can be used in many applications within Food & Beverage and Pharma. One example of usage is high pressure pasteurization (HPP). HPP allows gentle preservation of food and beverage by high pressure without additive or heat. Product is inserted in a waterfilled vessel applying up to 6000 bars of pressure. Providing high pressure for only a few minutes is enough to increase product shelf life considerably while preserving the high quality of fresh food. A Process Water System (PWS) can have a customized design fitting the high-quality requirements needed for cutting-edge technology. PWS is usually designed for redundancy, maximizing production operation time. The clean in place (CIP) cycle functionality minimize maintenance during production. Contact Armatec to learn more about customized process water units.

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