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Lower the return temperature

We will extract as much energy as possible out of your district heating unit for your facility. That will lower the return temperature and therefor reduce the risk of you paying penalty rates to the energy companies.

A low return temperature back to the heating network favors both facility owner and energy company. The more energy that is of use for the facility, the better the comfort for the users per invested krona and the more efficient the district heating unit will be. Regarding district cooling the opposite can be applied: the temperature back is to be as high as possible.

You will get a large difference in temperature between flow and return conduit by reducing the flow on the distribution side. Good heat exchange is a key factor and it is of importance that the exchanger performs as specified. Look for AHRI-certification. That’s when you know that an independent party has tested and approved the heat exchangers’ performance.

A heat exchanger with idle function reduces idle flow while there still is hot water ready when the need is greatest. Other ways to reduce flow is by forecast control of the indoor temperature and meticulous adjustment of the system. Correctly dimensioned components are also important in order to avoid over flow and misregulation.

Armatec has the knowledge and the products. Let us work together in order do achieve a better exchange of energy in district heating networks.