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Heat exchange & Accumulation

It is increasingly important to conserve energy in buildings. We develop systems for heating and hot water that are sustainable and which often combine multiple energy sources.


Keep the hot water hot

At times you need to inject some extra energy to the hot water to get the right temperature. We have the solution for you. Greater comfort and lower risk of legionella are some of the benefits.

Increasing requirements for energy efficiency

We provide energy-saving heating and cooling applications with compact heat exchangers and smart regulation.

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Lower the return temperature

We will extract as much energy as possible out of your district heating unit for your facility. That will lower the return temperature and therefor reduce the risk of you paying penalty rates to the energy companies.

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Make the best of waste heat

Why let excess heat go to waste? We alternate the waste heat from one system to another, for example, between hot water and heating. Good for your wallet, good for the environment.


Increase the utilization rate

We ensure that as little as possible of the water that reaches the expansion vessel gets mixed. It increases the amount of water that can be drained, thus increasing the utilization rate.

Install part by part

Limited space? We will do what it takes for your accumulation tank to fit. You can get your tank delivered without insulation, with removable side parts and with a hook for crane assembly.

Making the parts work together in district heating

There are many factors to consider such as capacity, maintenance, scalability, and lifecycle cost to get the right products in place for district heating.

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